Review of Polling Stations – 2019

Thanet District Council carried out a review of Polling Districts, Polling Places and Polling Stations as required by the Review of Polling Districts and Polling places (Parliamentary Elections) Regulations 2006. This was concluded on 16 January 2020.

As part of the review process the Council:

  • Sought to ensure that all electors within the authority had reasonable facilities for voting as were practicable in the circumstances.
  • Welcomed the views of electors/ community groups/ any interested persons within the Thanet district on existing polling arrangements
  • Welcomed the views of all residents, particularly disabled residents as the Council sought to ensure that polling places were accessible to those who are disabled. The Council also welcomed comments from any person or body that represented persons with a disability or with expertise in access for persons with any type of disability.

Details of the agreed list Polling Districts and Polling Places are available for inspection at the Council’s offices and can be viewed here.

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