Port of Ramsgate

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The Port of Ramsgate is a municipal port owned and operated by Thanet District Council. The Port has three Ro-Ro berths but is currently without a regular ferry service. There is a secure parking area. The Port is a 32 acre site. The site has a terminal building which has an arrivals, departures, and booking ticket areas.  There are a number of empty offices that can be used either behind the booking ticket area or above the departures lounge.  The lounge area has a café area and shop.

180metres long (maximum length of boat/ship).  Draft in port is 6.5m.



The area is large enough to accommodate a unit base with personal car parking.


Currently there are no public facilities nearby.


There is a café at the top of the cliff known as The Lookout.  The Harbour area which is close by has a number of cafés and restaurants.

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