10 May, 2018

More prosecutions under Thanet District Council’s litter clampdown

As part of a litter clampdown, Thanet District Council has issued 1,071 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for littering, spitting and dog fouling offences in the last six months.

These FPNs are a sign of the council’s zero tolerance approach. It is also determined to push for further penalties in the event of non payment. As such, at Canterbury Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 1 May, 13 defendants were ordered to pay a total of £4,518 for littering offences.

Of the 13 cases brought before the Magistrate, four pleaded ‘Guilty’ and were fined £147 with £120 costs & £30 victim surcharge. Nine failed to attend and were found ‘Guilty’ in their absence and fined £220 with £120 costs & £30 victim surcharge. Taking people to court is only ever a last resort when all warning letters have been ignored.

Cllr Taylor-Smith, Cabinet Member for Operational Services said:
“We know that the majority of residents want our beautiful district to be kept as clean and welcoming as possible. There are many unsung heroes helping to keep the area clean and tidy so it’s only right that we take tough action against those who choose to litter, fly-tip or let their dogs foul in our communities. The fact that we’ve issued over 1,000 FPNs in the last six months reflects the hard work of our dedicated officers and our zero tolerance approach on environmental crimes.”

Thanet District Council is committed to making Thanet a clean and welcoming environment. As well as ongoing enforcement activities, including the potential introduction of fines for vehicle owners who throw rubbish, it will soon be launching a community anti-litter campaign and its dedicated Educational Officer continues to talk to school children about disposing of litter responsibly and recycling.

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