30 August, 2019

Public asked for views on polling districts, places and stations

The council is seeking views on the various places in the district that are used for polling during elections. From Monday 2 September, Thanet voters are being asked to provide feedback on the local polling districts, polling places and polling stations*. 

The consultation forms part of the review which is being conducted in accordance with Section 17 of the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013. The purpose is to make sure that the polling stations use by our electors are suitable in terms of both facilities and accessibility.

The consultation will run for six weeks and close at 5pm on Friday 11 October.

The Chairman, elected Councillors, MPs, local political parties and disability groups within Thanet are all being consulted. Local residents and other representative groups are also encouraged to voice their opinion. Details of the consultation will also be published on Thanet District Council’s social media pages.

As part of the review the Returning Officer for the Thanet District must comment on the suitability of the polling places within each polling district. These comments are published on the Thanet District Council website www.thanet.gov.uk/pollingreview alongside the list of proposals.

Nicholas Hughes, Committee Services Manager, Thanet District Council said: “We are interested to hear the views of local residents on the places that are already used for voting. It is particularly important that we hear from anyone who would like to comment on the accessibility of the current polling locations. This consultation is an opportunity for people to feedback on the existing polling places and to provide suggestions for possible alternatives. We welcome input and hope that interested parties will take the time to have a say.”

Anyone who wishes to submit their feedback can do so by using the online form: www.thanet.gov.uk/pollingreview.  

It is also possible to make representations in writing either via email: consultation@thanet.gov.uk or by post: Democratic Services, Thanet District Council, PO Box 9, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent, CT9 1XZ.

The final recommendations will be considered by elected members at Full Council on Thursday 5 December.

*Definitions for reference:

  • Polling District – A polling district is a geographical area created by the subdivision of a parliamentary constituency for the purposes of a UK Parliamentary election 
  • Polling Place – The building/area where the polling station is located.
  • Polling Station – The actual room/building inside the polling place where voting takes place. 
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