22 February, 2022

Residents to boost local renewable energy generation and cut carbon emissions with community-led initiative

Thanet residents can now join a group-buying scheme to invest in renewable energy. The innovative scheme from Solar Together Kent  is back in Kent for the second time, and offers solar panels with optional battery storage and electric vehicle charging points. By participating in the scheme, homeowners can feel confident that they are paying the right price for a high-quality installation from pre-approved installers.

Residents who have already invested in solar panels can purchase retrofit battery storage which will help them to get more from the renewable energy they generate and increase their independence from the grid.

To date, Solar Together has delivered over 7,000 installations across the UK (including more than 250 in Kent) and over 130,000 tonnes of avoided lifetime carbon emissions. 

David (from Swale) commented:
“I’m very pleased – there was no sales pressure. The installation was extremely efficient and painless. We didn’t want the roof to look a mess, and I wanted as many panels as we could get. At the same time, I didn’t want the roof to look as though they’d been jammed in everywhere. I like the way they’ve done it, maximising the power output from the size of roof we’ve got without causing an eyesore.”

The scheme is free to register and there is no obligation to go ahead with an installation. 

Cllr Bob Bayford, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Special Projects at Thanet District Council said: 

“The council has declared a climate emergency and welcomes positive action from households. Switching to renewable energy is a great example of the kind of change that can make a real difference. Installing solar panels can help to reduce carbon emissions and put residents back in control of their spend on energy, which is becoming increasingly important.”

How does the scheme work?

Householders can register online to become part of the group and without a fee or any obligation from Monday 7 February 2022. 

Pre-approved UK solar photovoltaic (PV) suppliers will participate in an auction on Tuesday 15 March. Suppliers are able to offer competitive prices as the volume and geographic concentration makes it possible for them to buy at cheaper rates, which they then pass on to customers with lower prices for installations.

After the auction, registered households will receive a personal recommendation by email. This recommendation will be specific to the details submitted in their registration. 

If households choose to accept their recommendation, a technical survey will be carried out to confirm the specifics of their installation and then a date can be set for installation.

Participants in the scheme can access telephone and email help desks throughout the process which, together with information sessions, will allow them to make an informed decision in a safe and hassle-free environment.

Marie-Louise Abretti, iChoosr UK Solar Manager added:
“With energy prices increasing, Thanet residents are looking for opportunities to reduce their carbon emissions, save on energy bills and increase their independence from the grid. The Solar Together group-buying scheme offers a straightforward way to make an informed decision and to access a competitive offer from a trusted, vetted provider.”

To find out more and to express your interest in registering for the scheme, visit the Solar Together website

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