2 June, 2020

Thanet Together – fundraiser launches to provide extended support for local food banks

The council has launched Thanet Together – a community based fundraising appeal – on behalf of local food banks. The fundraiser aims to raise almost £10,000 to support the work of these organisations. They have faced unprecedented demand since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

These organisations have been working flat out to meet the rise in demand for help as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. As the weeks go on, many families continue to experience hardship which means they still need support from local food banks. 

Launched on behalf of local organisations providing food and supplies to people in need – the Thanet Together appeal is asking those who can, to pledge a donation and help raise just under £10,000. The deadline for pledges is Tuesday 30 June and the full target must be met for any of the funding to be released.

All the money pledged will be given to registered food banks who support residents across the district or be used by the council to purchase items in bulk for those food banks, as well as for giving food and essentials directly to residents in need. The main objective is for these established local groups to be able to continue to help those most in need at this time. Thanet District Council has already donated £9,500 directly to the food banks in the local area.

The food banks provide an essential localised service to those most in need of support in our community. 

As well as feeding our most vulnerable residents now, this is an opportunity to keep helping people through the ‘recovery’ phase of this pandemic. 

Cllr Helen Whitehead, Deputy Leader of Thanet District Council said

“Extraordinary efforts are currently being made by local people to provide for all those who are affected by this unprecedented national crisis. Food banks are doing an exceptional job, but we want to support them as much as possible to help those in our community that need it. We also know lots of people want to find ways to help, and working as a central hub will help us to support those who are working so hard through bulk purchasing and distribution. 

“To make sure that help gets to people using food banks across the area, we’ve agreed to act as a central hub for a fundraising appeal: Thanet Together. Thanet District Council has already made a generous donation but we’re hoping that together we can raise the same amount again. 

“These are difficult times, and we want to do as much as possible to help people through them, and we know that our community does too. There are many ways that individuals can help currently; times are extraordinarily hard for many, which is why we are trying to create a centralised fund, but there are so many ways to help. 

“If you can, please donate to help our food banks; but if you can’t, please, please remember that volunteering, supporting, being a listening ear for someone who needs it or simply taking care of yourself to make sure you and our community recovers well from this are all vital endeavours.

“Thank you so much to everyone who is working so hard; and if you can help to support those who are working so hard within our food banks, please do. Our community needs us, and whatever way you can manage to help, please remember you are hugely valued as part of it.”

Anyone who would like to make a donation to the appeal can do so via the Thanet Together fundraising page: https://www.spacehive.com/thanet-together.

If you are unable to donate, please share the link in your networks, the more people that know about Thanet Together the closer we’ll get to hitting the target.

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