Local Partnership Group

Each lead local authority is required to set up a local partnership, consisting of a diverse range of stakeholders including civil society organisations, employer bodies, business representatives. Thanet District Council is required to ensure that the group is fully representative. All MPs in the area will be invited to join the local partnership group.

The local partnership group (LPG) will be an advisory group with no decision making powers.

The purpose of the UKSPF Local Partnership Group (LPG) is to ensure the UKSPF projects are being delivered on time, within budget and meeting the aims of the programme.

To oversee the implementation of the UKSPF funding allocated the LPG will ensure that the funding is spent in a way that reflects the current needs of the District and its residents, bringing a community, business and skills focused perspective to support the council’s investment decisions whilst taking care to avoid conflicts of interest. This will ensure that Fund investments complement other activities in the area and meet the Fund and local objectives.

The LPG will facilitate an effective working partnership between the council and wider stakeholders as set out by central government, for effective delivery of projects within the Thanet UKSPF Investment Plan approved by the government.


It is the responsibility of the local partnership group to ensure the UKSPF projects are being delivered on time, within budget and meeting the aims of the programme.

It is an advisory group that will:-

  • ensure the UKSPF and relevant resources are allocated to the agreed projects
  • ensure appropriate engagement of stakeholders
  • take advice and guidance from the Project Lead, key agencies and stakeholders to assist in their scrutiny of the delivery of the UKSPF projects
  • ensure that a robust communications and engagement plan is in place
  • ensure diversity in its engagement with local communities and businesses
  • oversee each step of agreeing the UKSPF projects and overseeing compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding with government
  • provide a quarterly update report to Cabinet through the Portfolio Holder for Regeneration and Growth
  • ensure meetings respect confidentiality due to the commercially sensitive nature of the programme. When items are specifically confidential this will be raised at the meeting.
  • ensure the undertaking of Environmental Impact Assessments where required and fulfilling duties on public authorities under the Equalities Act, in particular, and the public sector equality duty
  • ensure any conflict of interest is managed appropriately.

Further guidance on government’s requirements around the LPG can be found on the gov.uk

Further details, including the Group’s membership will be available shortly.

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