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        Supplier spend over £500

        Update: As of 1 April 2018 Thanet District Council will publish it’s expenditure exceeding £500 on a quarterly basis as per the mandatory requirements of the Local Government Transparency Code 2015


        In line with government direction, from December 2010 – December 2012, Thanet District Council has published supplier spend over £500 using the local spending data guidance. To further increase transparency, from January 2013 the authority has published spend of £250 and above.

        All Government procurement card transactions have been published from September 2014 in line with the Local Transparency Code October 2014. In addition, from October 2014, we have added two additional columns to show non-recoverable VAT and the merchant category and further advanced the expense data by providing more information about the type of spend.

        Please note the reports are system generated and will therefore include some abbreviations.

        The data is published below on a monthly basis with the file name including the relevant month/year.

        2019 Supplier Spend over £500

        2018 Supplier Spend Over £500

        MonthDownload File 


        CSV (145kb)PDF (88kb)


        CSV (148kb)PDF (76kb)


        CSV (154kb)PDF (101kb)

        April – June

        CSV (188kb)PDF (193kb)

        July – September

        CSV supplier spend (157kb)

        CSV procurement card (26kb)

        PDF supplier spend (232kb)

        PDF procurement card (71kb)

        October – December

        CSV supplier spend (157kb)

        CSV procurement card (34kb)

        PDF supplier spend

        PDF procurement card



        2017 Supplier Spend Over £250

        MonthDownload File

        December 2017

        CSV (132kb)

        November 2017

        CSV (129kb)

        October 2017

        CSV (144kb)

        September 2017

        CSV (145kb)

        August 2017

        CSV (160kb)

        July 2017

        CSV (158kb)

        June 2017

        CSV (200kb)

        May 2017

        CSV (163kb)

        April 2017

        CSV (137kb)

        March 2017

        CSV (170kb)

        February 2017

        CSV (177kb)

        January 2017

        CSV (158kb)

        2016 Supplier Spend Over £250

        MonthDownload File

        December 2016

        CSV (132kb)

        November 2016

        CSV (129kb)

        October 2016

        CSV (144kb)

        September 2016

        CSV (145kb)

        August 2016

        CSV (160kb)

        July 2016

        CSV (158kb)

        June 2016

        CSV (200kb)

        May 2016

        CSV (163kb)

        April 2016

        CSV (137kb)

        March 2016

        CSV (170kb)

        February 2016

        CSV (177kb)

        January 2016

        CSV (158kb)

        2015 Supplier Spend Over £250

        MonthDownload File

        December 2015

        CSV (130kb)

        November 2015

        CSV (139kb)

        October 2015

        CSV (165kb)

        September 2015

        CSV (147kb)

        August 2015

        CSV  (125kb)

        July 2015

        CSV (163kb)

        June 2015

        CSV (168kb)

        May 2015

        CSV (139kb)

        April 2015

        CSV (143kb)

        March 2015

        CSV (14mb)

        February 2015

        CSV (135kb)

        January 2015

        CSV (125kb)

        2014 Supplier Spend Over £250

        MonthDownload File

        December 2014

        CSV (151kb)

        November 2014

        CSV (123kb)

        October 2014

        CSV (149kb)

        September 2014

        CSV (139kb)

        August 2014

        CSV (112kb)

        July 2014

        CSV (116kb)

        June 2014

        CSV (141kb)

        May 2014

        CSV (186kb)

        April 2014

        CSV (231kb)

        March 2014

        CSV (219kb)

        February 2014

        CSV (199kb)

        January 2014

        CSV (139kb)

        2013 Supplier Spend over £250

        MonthDownload File

        December 2013

        CSV  (237kb)

        November 2013

        CSV (117kb)

        October 2013

        CSV (117kb)

        September 2013

        CSV (205kb)

        August 2013

        CSV (146kb)

        July 2013

        CSV (203kb)

        June 2013

        CSV (222kb)

        May 2013

        CSV (187kb)

        April 2013

        CSV (210kb)

        March 2013

        CSV (263kb)

        February 2013

        CSV (170kb)

        January 2013

        CSV (114kb)

        2012 Supplier Spend over £250

        MonthDownload File

        December 2012

        CSV (146kb)

        November 2012

        CSV (88kb)

        October 2012

        CSV (107kb)

        September 2012

        CSV (94kb)

        August 2012

        CSV (71kb)

        July 2012

        CSV (100kb)

        June 2012

        CSV (91kb)

        May 2012

        CSV (94kb)

        April 2012

        CSV (85kb)

        March 2012

        CSV (97kb)

        February 2012

        CSV (88kb)

        January 2012

        CSV (80kb)

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