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Your polling card will give you the name and address of your polling station. You can also look up your address and get directions to your polling station on the following link.

Poll Cards

Poll cards are delivered to all eligible electors. This card is for information only. Don’t worry if you lose it or forget it – you can still vote without it as long as your name is on the electoral register. You can look up your address to find out where your polling station is on our interactive map.

Voting at a polling station

When you vote in person, you go to the polling station allocated to you based on your address on the electoral register.

Before you go to vote, check where your polling station is. It might not be the closest one to where to you live, and it might have changed since the last time you voted. You have to go to your allocated polling station, and you can’t go to a different one close to where you work, for example.

Your polling station will be on your poll card, which you’ll receive through the post a few weeks before polling day.

If you are voting in an election that requires photo ID then make sure you have an accepted form of photo ID or your Voter Authority Certificate with you before you go to the polling station.

Once your details have been verified you will be given a ballot paper. A mark will be made against your name on the list to show that you have voted. You will not be able to vote again in the same election.

There will be a notice in the polling booth indicating how many candidates you may vote for. If you vote for more candidates than you are entitled to, your vote will not be counted.

If you make a mistake, ask a staff member for a replacement ballot paper.

After casting your vote, place your marked ballot paper in the ballot box, which will be situated near to staff.

Details of the results will be posted online and at our council offices.

We take proactive steps to ensure that polling stations don’t disadvantage disabled people.


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