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A question can also be posted to: the Committee Services Manager, Council Offices, PO Box 9, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent CT10 1XZ

Members of the press and residents of Thanet can ask questions at ordinary meetings of Council; the exceptions being the annual council meeting, the annual budget-setting meeting (usually at the beginning of February) and extraordinary meetings.

A question must be submitted by the person who will ask the question at the Council meeting and not someone else on the questioner’s behalf.  You can submit a question by clicking on the date of the meeting in the table below.

Upcoming meetings and dates by which your questions should be submitted

The Committee Services Manager must receive your question at least five full working days before the date of the meeting. Saturdays and Sundays and bank holidays do not count as ‘working days’.

Date of ordinary meeting of council Time by which your question should be received
Thursday 28th March 2024 5.30, Wednesday 20th March 2024


Further information

Summary of Questions and Responses at the Council meeting of  22 February 2024


Questions from Councillors

Question from Councillor W.Scobie to Cllr Keen

“Would the Cabinet member please share what preparations TDC is making about the proposed new Protect Duty, otherwise known as Martyn’s law? Specifically, how many venues does TDC believe will be covered by the Enhanced tier?”



Question from Cllr Manners to Cllr Albon

‘I’m pleased to see that the Council has published ambitious plans for Jacky Bakers. Support for grass roots sport and football is important to the communities we serve. With that in mind could I please have an update on promises made to renovate the Sports Pavilion at Northdown Park? Has a full structural survey including asbestos survey been conducted and what are the findings and recommendations? Have officers prepared a schedule of proposed works and a timetable for delivery? What are the costings and has a budget allocation been made?’



Question from Cllr Bayford to Cllr Whitehead

‘It seems that in order to meet the Council’s plan to purchase more affordable homes, some are being acquired prior to their construction. In these cases, does TDC have influence on the proposed EPC rating for the homes to be purchased, particularly as potential tenants are likely to benefit from the least expensive energy costs possible, as well as the obvious benefit to the environment?’


Question from Cllr Garner to Cllr Keen

“The Royal College of Physicians estimate that 40,000 deaths a year in the UK are linked to air pollution, with engine idling contributing to this by increasing the amount of exhaust fumes in the air.

The Highway Code states that ‘if the vehicle is stationary and is likely to remain so for more than a couple of minutes, you should apply the parking brake and switch off the engine to reduce emissions and noise pollution’.

As a first step towards TDC considering the introduction of clean air zones, will Cllr Keen please follow the lead of other progressive councils in the UK and ask enforcement officers to issue fixed penalty notices to the driver when they witness a car idling and issue a fine of £40 if they refuse to turn their engine off?”



Question from Cllr Rogers to Cllr Albon

I am addressing the serious concerns of compostable waste at the Dane Park Depot. 2,180 tonnes of waste, when the permitted amount is a maximum of 60 tonnes. Thankfully we have an efficient Head of Coastal and Public Realm who was concerned and asked relevant questions to the council’s waste consultant. Substantial fines and custodial sentences could have been imposed by the Environment Agency for non-compliance. The cost of removal was £275,000.

Why was this allowed to build up over several years, why did the Operational Services Director not inspect the site, so allowing this to happen? Why, if the director left, did an interim or deputy manager not spot this? Surely someone on site must have recognised that this could incur costs? What has been put in place to ensure this never happens again?




Question from Cllr Huxley to Cllr Keen

“Local residents have repeatedly contacted me to ask for help in relation to an abandoned vehicle which has been dumped on unadopted land in Camden Square, Ramsgate, and has now been there for over a year without moving. The vehicle is full of rubbish and has four flat tyres. A second similar vehicle has more recently arrived. I understand the owner has claimed the first vehicle but has failed to remove it. Please would the Cabinet Member set out what action the council can take to get these vehicles removed. Thank you.”



Question from Cllr Rattigan to Cllr Everitt

The Margate charter trustee want to start the process to become a town council, with a time scale for becoming a town council in April 2026. Will you confirm you will trigger this process and confirm that the scale time can be met.



Question from Cllr Worrow to Cllr Everitt

“Please tell me how many hectares of farmland are owned by the Council and the locations of this farmland”



Question from Cllr Paul Moore to Cllr Whitehead

“Our veterans are an important part of our community. Having served this country, the Armed forces covenant has been created by the Govt to ensure that veterans receive the support that they rightly deserve.

The covenant legal duty is a legal obligation on certain public bodies including LA’s to have due regard to the principles of the AF Covenant when carrying out certain functions in health care, education and housing.

We have no officer presently in post having stepped back as written in an email to all of the group members in the AF covenant and that the council’s commitment to the covenant has seemingly stagnated, (these are the feeling by those volunteers and members of the Thanet group).

What is happening with the armed forces covenant presently?

WE have been awarded silver standard and if we are not actively doing anything we should give back those awards/accreditations.”



Questions from Members of the Public

Question from Ms Gardner to Cllr Keen

Based on the fact that major corporations operating in your neighbourhoods are directly profiting off of the murder of innocent people like my cousins uncle, why have you not done more in your position of power to call for a ceasefire? And why do you continue to allow these clearly unethical companies to operate in your neighbourhoods?



Question from Ms Trentham to Cllr Keen

As a resident of Thanet I am very worried about the impact of the present situation in Gaza on Palestinians and Israelis and also those living here and this concern is shared by many according to a recent Ipso poll. Can you tell me why this council is not speaking out against what many NGO’s now state is genocide and in doing so show empathy to these communities, and why this council is not calling for a permanent ceasefire now?’





Question from Mr Knight to Cllr Yates

As cabinet member for corporate services, can you confirm whether Thanet District Council has no local government investments, either through pension funds or any other applicable routes, that may be linked to holdings connected to Israeli settlements, or companies that are supporting Israel’s genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza. And if any exist will you instruct the finance committee to divest from these in the light of the deadly attacks by the Israeli state which have cost the lives of almost 30,000 innocent Palestinians in Gaza, 12,000 of whom were children.



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