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A question can also be posted to: the Committee Services Manager, Council Offices, PO Box 9, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent CT10 1XZ

Members of the press and residents of Thanet can ask questions at ordinary meetings of Council; the exceptions being the annual council meeting, the annual budget-setting meeting (usually at the beginning of February) and extraordinary meetings.

A question must be submitted by the person who will ask the question at the Council meeting and not someone else on the questioner’s behalf.  You can submit a question by clicking on the date of the meeting in the table below.

Upcoming meetings and dates by which your questions should be submitted

The Committee Services Manager must receive your question at least five full working days before the date of the meeting. Saturdays and Sundays and bank holidays do not count as ‘working days’.

Date of ordinary meeting of council Time by which your question should be received
Thursday 10th October 2024 5.30, Wednesday 2nd October 2024
Thursday 12th December 2024 5.30, Wednesday 4th December 2024


Further information

Summary of Questions and Responses at the Council meeting of  11 July 2024


Questions from Councillors

Question from Councillor Manners to Cllr Duckworth

Can the portfolio holder please tell the Council when was the last time that the water in Hartsdown Pool and Ramsgate pool was fully drained and replaced?


To follow.

Question from Cllr Green to Cllr Duckworth

What powers do the Council have to affect a remedy to deal with the listed but increasingly derelict Westcliff Hall on Ramsgate’s western seafront given the impact upon the promenade and the likely threat to the highway? Have we engaged with the owners?


To follow.

Question from Cllr Bayford to Cllr Whitehead

At the Cabinet Advisory Group in May, it was confirmed that applications to join TDC’s waiting list for social housing can take up to 26 weeks, due to applications being received incomplete and to a shortage of staff to process them. What steps are the council taking to address this situation and reduce the waiting time for individuals and families who may be living in unsuitable and overcrowded properties?


To follow.


Question from Cllr Dawson to Cllr K. Bright

Will the council please set out their strategic action plan for seasonal parking chaos across the Thanet district.  With Warmer weather approaching, residents are enduring parking chaos which is causing obstructions to roads yet again around our golden beaches.

We know that Thanet is a visitor hotspot and is entering a busy time of the year. We also know that the council has not been successful with retaining wardens. Will the council  please produce a report to capture why the failings have occurred.  Why have you been unable to recruit and retain, compared with other local authorities in similar circumstances.  The council has found that this particular issue over the years has been unsustainable.  Is it now prudent that the council seek other measures, alternatives which may include outsourcing to create stability to this ongoing issue.


To follow.

Question from Cllr Wing to Cllr Albon

With the hot weather finally arriving so have the jet ski’s and whilst many operate within the rules that keep all beach and water users safe, it is clear too many are not. What information are jet ski owners given when they apply for access to our launching locations including the one at Ramsgate Harbour and how do residents/visitors report incidents as they happen, to who and where is this information displayed on our beaches?


To follow.

Question from Cllr Rogers to Cllr Albon

As disposable BBQs are banned under the Beach and Coast PSPO are officers enforcing the prohibition? Have fines or warnings been issued? They are still causing a danger on beaches due to the time discarded BBQs take to cool down causing a risk particularly to small children, they are a leading cause of bin fires requiring Emergency Service attendance, grass is burnt when using on grassy areas, they are a major cause of litter and they do not support the use of local food outlets.


To follow.


Questions from Members of the Public

From Ms Sabin-Dawson to Cllr Everitt:

On behalf of Save Minster Marshes I would like to ask the leader of the council who has responsibility for looking at the cumulative impact of the many planning permissions which impact upon habitats for wildlife in Thanet? 


There have been numerous planning permissions granted, or requested retrospectively, which, when considered separately may not appear to make a huge impact, but when considered alongside others they make an enormous impact on the wildlife of Thanet.


Although we (Save Minster Marshes) are aware that TDC will not have any input on the decision about National Grid’s Sealink proposal, we would like to know who is ultimately responsible for looking at the cumulative impact of the numerous battery storage and solar panel planning applications which are in the same area. 


To follow.

From Ms Oldfield to Cllr Everitt:

“In light of the recent motion passed by Cambridge City Council on 23rd May 2024, addressing the ongoing conflict in Palestine-Israel, will Thanet District Council stand on the right side of history and support these actions:


Thanet District Council demands the UK Government:


  1. Press for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza, Israel, and the rest of Palestine.
  2. Uphold international humanitarian law.
  3. Guarantee civilians access to essential humanitarian aid, including medical supplies, food, fuel, and water.
  4. Revoke all licenses for arms exports to Israel and suspend all arms sales.


Furthermore, Thanet District Council will:

Only bank and invest with ethical institutions. Our financial practices must reflect our moral values.

It’s time for Thanet District Council to lead with courage and integrity. Let’s make a stand for justice, peace, and humanity.”



To follow.


From Ms Bailey to Cllr Whitehead:


The amount of house building in Thanet, and Kent generally, is understandably, a very hotly debated topic.

While it is depressing to see so much of our countryside being built on, the need for a mix of affordable, sustainable housing for those on Thanet’s waiting lists, including those in temporary and sub-standard accommodation, is recognised.

I’m aware that TDC have recently purchased some affordable housing at WWX for our residents but, can you please set the record straight over assertions which are sometimes made on social media.

  1. Is it true that London boroughs buy and house their own tenants in Thanet?

If so, do we have the figures around this.


  1. When affordable housing is provided as part of a large strategic allocation, is there a

policy for these to be offered to Thanet residents first?




To follow.


From Mr Wraight to Cllr Everitt:

Please may I ask the council leader for an update on its involvement in the DCO process with rsp?



To follow.



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