Parish / Town Council

Parish/Town councils (PTCs) are the most local form of government and can represent areas ranging from around 100 people to up to approx. 36,500 people. The general rule is that PTCs are based on an area which reflects community identity and interests. The community interests of the residents  of the parish are represented by elected local councillors. Parish/Town councils represent your local community’s interests to Thanet District Council on things like planning applications; they can choose to deliver services that can improve the local area (e.g., public toilets, allotments, Christmas lighting, floral arrangements, bus shelters, burial grounds, litter bins, tourism);  they can develop a Community Plan and can comment on all planning applications in their area as a Statutory consultee. Costs would be met by setting a council tax.

The Localism Act 2012 gives greater powers to town and parish councils as they offer democratic representation and accountability, the ability to influence decision making by other bodies and the ability to deliver existing services or provide additional services.

These include the preparation of a neighbourhood development plan or order which when completed becomes part of the local development plan for the area and has to be used as a basis for making decisions on planning.

Powers and duties available to Parish Councils

A single Parish/ Town Council could be established to cover the whole of the unparished area of Margate or two or more Parish Councils, of smaller geographical area, could be formed.

If Parish/ Town council(s) were formed, Thanet District Council would remain responsible for major services such as recycling and waste, environmental protection and planning decisions etc. Thanet Councillors would continue to represent individuals and groups in their wards and influence officers’ actions with the support and advice of the Town/ Parish councillors.  

If Town / Parish Council(s) were created which covered the whole of the unparished area of Margate, then the Charter Trustees (explained above) would be dissolved.

Cost: Costs vary depending on the size of PTCs and services they deliver.  The costs to residents for PTCs in Thanet area range from £10.17 to £45.27. 

The Thanet Parish/Town council precepts for 2014/15 on a Band D property are:


Parish Council


2014/15 Precept (Band D property)

















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