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        Educational Resources

        To ensure that we are all able to continue to enjoy the beautiful surroundings that the district has to offer, it’s important that we educate visitors and residents about our heritage, unique coastline and open spaces.

        This page gives you access to a range of educational resources that can be used as a formal learning tool, or as a different way to enjoy and explore our district.



        Visits to your school - Looking after your environment

        We’re happy to come into local schools and help teach pupils about the importance of looking after their environment. Sessions can be adapted to suit the needs of the school and the age of students (Key Stage 1,2 and 3). Topics can include:

        • The impact of littering and how students can help prevent it
        • The importance of recycling your waste
        • How to reduce the amount of waste you produce
        • Why cleaning up after your dog is important

        To find out more or to arrange a visit contact our Education Officer, Lisa Collingwood, at or on 01843 577000


        Superhero Character Design Competition

        We are asking students to create a new superhero to help promote our Streetscene Services, highlight the importance of looking after the environment and keeping Thanet clean and tidy.

        Your character must;

        • Be colourful
        • Be in a cartoon style
        • Help us stop people from dropping litter and fly-tipping

        The winning design will be used in our streetscene campaigns to help stop people dropping litter or fly-tipping.

        Please download our SSE Superhero Competition Booklet for more information.


        Action Plan for Schools/Colleges Academic Year 2020-2021

        Eco-schools logo

        Thanet District Council is proud to be part the of the Eco School Programme, in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy. The programme recognises our commitment to working with our local schools and communities to help improve the education around the impact that our actions have on the environment and surroundings. To find out more about the Eco School Programme please go to


        Term 1 September – December 2020

        • Topic – Anti Littering SSE Superheroes Competition
        • Aim – The aim of the competition is to design a Superhero character for our Streetscene team. The aim for the school is to keep all school grounds clear from littering and the local surrounding area. Link up with AQA Unit Awards and Green Flag Schools Awards (Eco Schools) & The Thanet Anti-littering team, book a teaching session or order activities.
        • Action – The Great British Clean 11th -21st September 2020
        • Evaluation – Share results of the SSE Superhero character competition for prize awards from Thanet District Council

        Term 2 January – April 2021

        • Topic – Fly-tipping and Dog Fouling
        • Aim – Understand the impacts of waste. Increase understanding of impacts from littering around Schools/Colleges. Link up with the Thanet Anti-littering team, book a session or order activities, link with AQA Unit Scheme Awards.
        • Action – Promote understanding of waste and littering (GCSE Science Bitesize Biodiversity)
        • Evaluation – Launch first SSE quarterly publication and share results for prize awards from Thanet District Council

        Term 3 May – August 2021

        • Topic – Littering and the Local Environment
        • Aim – Link up with the SSE Team, Thanet Anti-littering Team and Thanet Coastal Team, book a teaching session or order activities, Link with AQA Unit Scheme Awards.
        • Action – Promote understanding of the Local Environment
        • Evaluation – Publish second/third SSE quarterly and share results for prize awards from Thanet District Council

        Online educational resources

        There are a range of educational materials that can be used in the classroom or whilst at our beaches.


        School visits to the coast

        Schools, clubs or large group excursions to Thanet’s coast can enjoy the beaches or view the variety of marine and coastal wildlife around the coastline depending upon if the tide is in or out. Groups should use the online form to let us know that they are planning a visit to the beach.

        The Thanet Coast Project can assist with activities like Seashore Safaris (over ‘Low Tide’ times only) or Scavenger Hunts & Beach Art for a small charge to help cover our costs. For more information, please submit school/group details on the notification form or contact for availability at:

        Beach Safety:  Please read the RNLI’s advice to have fun and stay safe.  Learn to recognise the safety flags, understand rip current, waves and tides; safe use of inflatables and bodyboards; an staying safe in the sun or sea.

        RNLI Lifeguarded beachesplease look up the lifeguarded beaches and details of where and when they will present, for extra safety on your visit.


        12 ways in 12 days challenge

        We’re all in our homes more than ever before. Find out how you can be more environmentally friendly and help improve our planet by taking our 12 ways in 12 days challenge.

        12 ways in 12 days are just some of many ideas we can use to help make a difference. There are more than 12 things you can do within the list, just pick one from each category.

        If you’re up for the 12 day challenge, do one thing from the list everyday for a fortnight and please remember to share with your friends too.

        1. Food and Cooking – Time to organise the food cupboards and use up the food that is already there. Donate what you are not going to use by calling us on (01843) 577330. Eat healthily and plan meals in advance. Batch cook and freeze food. Be creative and have fun in the kitchen, challenge your friends and family and have a video cook off with leftovers from the night before. Compost food waste.
        2. Cleaning and Tidying – declutter but do not throw away. Use natural cleaning products like vinegar. When tidying and decluttering instead of throwing away and buying new, refil, reuse and recycle. Remember to give unwanted items away.
        3. Textiles and Clothing – Try wardrobe management, get organised and look at for ideas. Reduce your wardrobe space, reuse items and recycle or give away. Find a textile recycling bank.
        4. Plants and Gardening – Save on money, packaging and waste at home by growing your own food. Save your seeds and plant vegetables, herbs and bee/butterfly loving flowers. You don’t need much space – a window sill, door step or balcony is fine. Put carrot tops on a saucer to grow them again. For more ideas look at
        5. Transport – Leave your car, save fuel, get healthy and walk or cycle. Whilst walking you can enjoy the local wildlife. Count and identify the different birds, plants, insects and animals you see on your walk. You might be surprised and it’s fun to do on your own or with others. When out walking, please follow our Dogs and our beaches Code.
        6. Energy – Save energy and DIY small jobs at home. Turn lights and appliances off when not in use. Batch cook and freeze meals. Use candles. Reuse as much as you can.
        7. Water – Efficient showers, hand wash dishes, reuse water where possible to water your plants (for example leave vegetable/pasta/rice water to cool and use to make gravy or to water plants).
        8. Waste – Get it right! Avoid fines. Please do not litter.
          We are privileged to have so many beautiful beaches and parks in Thanet. Please do your bit and leave only footprints. This means putting litter in a bin or, if you cannot find a bin or the bins are full, then please take it home with you. Remember you could face an on the spot fine of £100 for littering.

        Do not fly tip or you could be fined from £400 up to £50,000. Read more at

        Remember you can book a visit to Margate’s Household Waste Recycling Centre online at or arrange a bulky waste collection by calling (01843) 577115. There is a minimum charge of £25.50 for collection of up to 5 items or up to 15 black sacks (70/80 litres) of household rubbish.

        1. Retail – Shop local, shop zero waste and think ‘do I really need to buy this?’ before purchasing anything. Can you reuse something you already have? Use a bag for life. Look for the recycle symbol on product packaging before you buy.
        2. Internet – Limit internet shopping to limit carbon footprint.
        3. Wildlife and Pets – Have a bird song guessing game. All birds have unique songs which you can identify with RSPB’s Bird Song identifier. Make a bird feeder, a mini pond or a Wormery. Kent Wildlife Trust has a list of activities for families to do whilst at home together.
        4. Location – Wherever possible, buy local products from local shops and support the local economy. Buy sustainable products and check labels and packaging for the recycle logo.

        How environmentally kind are you? How many of the things listed above do you do already? Did you score 12/12?


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