Report a repair

For general household or communal repairs contact Mears

  • Text “thanetrepairs” then your message, to 63277.
  • Email  thanet.repairs@mearsgroup.co.uk .
  • Call FREEPHONE 0800 0234 320.
  • If you have problems contacting Mears, you can reach the Tenant and Leaseholder Services team on 01843 577262 or by email myhome@thanet.gov.uk . We will be able to help.


For gas, hot water or central heating repairs contact Gas Call 

  • Call FREEPHONE 0800 012 9958.
  • Email TDCcustomerservices@gascall.co.uk .
  • If you smell gas please call the National Gas Emergency number FREEPHONE 0800 111 999.
  • If you have problems contacting Gas Call , you can reach the Tenant and Leaseholder Services team on 01843 577262 or by email myhome@thanet.gov.uk . We will be able to help.


Your responsibilities

Your responsibilities for general repairs and maintenance include:

  • Decorating inside your home. This includes, repairing any surface cracks or holes in walls and ceilings.
  • Making sure UPVC windows and doors are regularly cleaned and oiled.
  • Replacing broken window panes.
  • Minor repairs to internal doors and frames
  • Cleaning the frames and glass of your doors and windows.
  • Repairing or replacing any door furniture.
  • Adjusting or repairing kitchen units, drawers, doors, shelves and worktops.
  • Repair and maintenance of meter boxes.
  • Pest control to keep your home free of rats, mice, fleas, and bed bugs.

Your responsibilities for plumbing and drainage include:

  • Clearing blockages in toilets (in a house or bungalow) sinks, baths and wastepipes.
  • Replacing tap washers, sink plugs and chains, baths, basins, and toilet seats.
  • Clearing blockages in external gullies. Except in shared areas to flats.
  • Replacing the grids over drains.

Your responsibilities for electrics:

 Any electrical work must be done by a qualified electrical contractor, approved by us. To check if your contractor is approved, please email housingmaintenance@thanet.gov.uk or call 01843 577252

Your responsibilities for private gardens include:

  • Repairing footpaths, yards and patios.
  • Repairing or replacing gates and fencing. But we will repair fences that border a public footpath.
  • Replacing clothes posts, pulleys and washing lines. Except in shared drying areas.
  • Keeping air bricks clear and clean.
  • Keeping your garden tidy, by cutting the grass and hedges.


  • You are responsible for repairing or replacing damage you have caused to your home by neglect or misuse. Even if the damage was accidental.
  • You are responsible for the reasonable management of condensation in your home. Doing this will help to avoid build up of mould.
  • If you want to carry out improvements to your home you will need our permission. You might want to lay a patio in the garden or install a new kitchen, for instance. Please email housingmaintenance@thanet.gov.uk or call 01843 577252 for authorisation.
  • For small DIY jobs like decorating or putting up shelves you don’t need our permission.

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