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If you have any concerns about our contractors or the work they will carry out, then please contact us. Call us on 01843 577262, or email myhome@thanet.gov.uk

We are aware of scam callers, claiming that they need to arrange a property inspection. If in doubt please check with us that the call is genuine.

All our partnering contractors will carry ID cards. Please ask to see this before allowing anyone into your home.

For general household or communal repairs 

Contact Mears

For minor repairs that you can do yourself, Mears have some videos and factsheets you can watch or download.

For gas, hot water or central heating repairs 

Contact BSW Heating


If you want to make some improvements (laying a patio or putting in a kitchen for example). Please complete our online form.

Your responsibilities are:

  • to repair or replace damage you have caused to your home by neglect or misuse, even if the damage was accidental.
  • for the reasonable management of condensation in your home, doing this will help to avoid build up of mould.
  • if you want to carry out significant improvements to your home, you will need our permission.
  • for small DIY jobs like decorating or putting up shelves (you don’t need our permission)

How to manage condensation

Download How to manage condensation factsheet


Your responsibilities include:

  • decorating inside your home, including repairing any surface cracks or holes in walls and ceilings
  • making sure UPVC windows and doors are regularly cleaned and oiled
  • replacing broken window panes
  • minor repairs to internal doors and frames
  • cleaning the frames and glass of your doors and windows
  • repairing or replacing door furniture
  • adjusting or repairing kitchen units, drawers, doors, shelves and worktops
  • repair and maintenance of meter boxes
  • pest control to keep your home free of rats, mice, fleas, and bed bugs

Door alignment fix

Download Door alignment fix Factsheet

Skirting board fix

Download Skirting board fix factsheet

Toilet seat replacement

Download Toilet seat replacement factsheet


Your responsibilities include:

  • clearing blockages in toilets (in a house or bungalow) sinks, baths and waste pipes
  • replacing tap washers, sink plugs and chains, baths, basins, and toilet seat
  • clearing blockages in external gullies, except in shared areas to flats
  • replacing the grids over drains

How to unblock a sink

Download How to unblock a sink factsheet 

How to unblock a toilet

Download How to unblock a toilet factsheet

How to stop a leak

How to stop a leak factsheet

Shower head replacement

Download Shower head replacement factsheet



You are responsible for making sure that any electrical work that you have carried out is done by a qualified electrical contractor. This could be for light fittings that need to be wired in, for example. They must approved by Tenant and Leaseholder Services.

To check if your contractor is approved, please phone 01843 577 262 or email myhome@thanet.gov.uk

Appliance Testing

If your electric trips check out how to test your appliances to see if one of them is tripping your electric.

Download Appliance Testing factsheet

Changing an outside bulb

Download Changing an outside bulb


If you have a private garden for your own use. It is your responsibility to:

  • repair footpaths, yards and patios
  • maintain gates and fencing, although we will repair fences that border a public footpath
  • replace clothes posts, pulleys and washing lines, unless they are in shared drying areas
  • keep air bricks clear and clean
  • keep your garden tidy, by cutting the grass and hedges

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