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Thanet District Council strongly supports membership of a recognised landlord association. Being a member of a landlord association can help landlords improve their management skills, avoid difficulties relating to criminal and civil law, and run more successful businesses. From the council’s viewpoint, good landlords make an invaluable contribution to the area’s housing needs, and membership of a recognised landlord association promotes the provision of good quality, safe homes. Landlords are therefore encouraged to explore the benefits of membership.

Whilst the council does not recommend any particular association, it will collaboratively work with any association when there are clear benefits for residents. The landlords associations mentioned below, in alphabetical order, are those known to offer membership to landlords operating in Thanet. Each association has provided the text shown below their name.

iHowz Landlords Association are the smaller, friendlier face of trade associations.

Initially formed in 1974 they run as a not-for-profit association; 50 years on, they’re still conforming to the initial reasons for their inaugural meeting:-

  •         to represent landlords’ views,
  •         help and assist landlords who are not quite sure of correct procedures,
  •         make correct documents available,
  •         negotiate trade discounts,
  •         arrange, and oversee networking opportunities.

As well as helping and assisting landlords, the converse is also true; members help and assist the association. They give us the income and support to allow us to represent ALL landlords, regardless of whether they are members or not.

There is more need than ever for landlord associations:-

Government imposes more and more legislation on the private rental sector: there is a desperate need for landlords to be represented during the drafting of the legislation, then there is the need for a trade association to challenge those parts deemed to be unfair, to challenge where it is felt the law is being applied inappropriately and to explain the latest changes to members.

iHowz does all of this.

So, the next time you look to get your free advice from the internet, just remember:-

  •         it might be old; inappropriate, or just downright wrong,
  •         will the internet have someone with first-hand experience on-hand to explain it directly to you,

Where else can you get unlimited advice for the whole year, from experts, for less than £100 per year – tax deductible?

Have a look at www.iHowz.uk, or contact us on info@iHowz.uk or 01732 56 56 01 – we look forward to hearing from you.


The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) is the UK’s largest membership organisation for private residential landlords in England and Wales, supporting and representing over 100,000 members.

As the home for landlords, the NRLA offers a vast range of expertise, resources, and exclusive member benefits and savings, designed to help and empower members, as well as playing a pivotal role in campaigning and championing the interests of landlords.

Benefits include:

  • Expert advice tailored to your needs online or via the phone
  • Access to a wide range of resources, documents and guides
  • Exclusive discounts and offers from selected partners
  • Discounts on award winning training courses
  • Free local events and networking
  • Regular newsletters to help you keep pace with developments in the private rented sector

If you’re not already a member, then join today www.nrla.org.uk/join


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