Community safety plan 2014-15

1. Foreword

Welcome to our partnership plan for 2014-15, which outlines how we are going to collectively tackle Community Safety issues in Thanet. This plan sets out our performance over the last 12 months, identifies priority areas for the next year and outlines what we are going to do to improve them.

For 2012-13  the partnership agreed to focus on; Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), Domestic Abuse, Substance Misuse, Violent Crime and Acquisitive Crime and 36 multi agency actions were agreed by partners under these themes. 

To date, 22 actions have been completed, 9 remain ongoing and due for completion by the end of the financial year and four actions are proposed to form part of this years plan due to changes to legislation which prevented their commencement.

We would like to thank all of the agencies within the partnership, who have jointly worked to achieve a number of positive outcomes including, implementing three Dispersal Orders to be more equipped in tackling ASB, delivering training inputs to multi skill officers and improve efficiency, raise awareness about loan sharking and the impact of violent crime and have facilitated an extensive property marking scheme for victims of burglary.

In the monitoring period of 01 October 2012 – 30 September 2013, Thanet has seen an increase in crime, of 3.9%, which equates to an additional 400 offences. This is slightly higher than the Kent average of a 3.7% increase, but is consistent with increases seen across Kent.  Reports of Anti-Social Behaviour to Kent Police have seen a decrease of 811 incidents[1], however reports to Thanet District Council for ASB including noise nuisance, flytipping and abandoned vehicles, have seen an increase of 581 incidents, compared to the previous year. 

Thanet continues to have the highest levels of Domestic Abuse in the county, with 710 or the 2894 incidents recorded as being repeat. Violence Against the Person, Theft and Burglary offences have also all seen increases in the last year.

The Community Safety landscape continues to evolve and the partnership continues to face challenges in having to adapt the way services and initiatives are delivered.  

Further legislative changes by the government are to be finalised  this year to give practitioners a new toolkit to robustly tackle Anti-Social Behaviour. The Transforming Rehabilitation agenda will also change the way the offenders are managed and the how the partnership works to reduce reoffending.  This year has also seen the introduction of Health and Wellbeing Boards and the integration of Clinical Commissioning groups into the partnership.

The Kent Police and Crime Commissioner  has pledged to continue to support Community Safety Partnerships and has agreed a grant of £34,317 for 2014-15 to support activity. This will mainly be spent by the agencies to help deliver the actions in the plan but some will also used to form a ‘Community Safety Fund’ that local groups can bid for to help tackle issues in their ward or street.

A review of this year’s data recommends keeping the focus areas as Anti-Social Behaviour, Domestic Abuse, Violent Crime, Substance Misuse and Acquisitive Crime however also recommends the inclusion of Road Safety and Public Perceptions, in acknowledgement of resident concerns and a renewed need for the partnership to be promoting itself more effectively. This also aligns with the Kent Community Safety County focus areas for 2011-14.


Chief Inspector Nick Gossett  

Kent Police, Thanet District Commander 


Cllr Iris Johnston

Cabinet member for Community Safety
Thanet District Council