Levelling Up Fund Overview

On Wednesday 27 October 2021 the Government shared exciting news that Ramsgate’s bid had been successful to the Levelling Up Fund.

Two bids were submitted by the council. One bid for Ramsgate (£19.8m) and one bid for Margate (£6.3m).

The bid for Ramsgate was made up of three components:

The Port

The Royal Harbour

Assets to Connect with Opportunities


Ramsgate Place Plan

In addition to these projects, the council commissioned a brief to create a Place Plan for Ramsgate.

The Ramsgate Place Plan will take stock of the status of forthcoming developments and how these respond to the Town’s pressing economic and social needs, as well as stakeholder dialogue to date.

By additionally considering transport infrastructure, it will establish a strategic framework for connectivity and future development priorities, before considering proposals for key sites to maximise the integration and positive impact of Levelling Up Fund investment.


Investment in Port Infrastructure will create a Green Port which will provide a hub for innovation and training, allied to a modern hybrid Port, supporting renewable energy and zero carbon maritime logistics.

Investing jointly with the private sector will create a Green Campus including a Centre of Excellence for offshore operations and maintenance, space for innovation in low carbon logistics and a hub for green business.

This investment will unlock the opportunity to provide real economic growth, job creation and training places in the heart of Ramsgate.

Find out more about the Port projects:


Investment to link buildings within the harbour area to develop new and distinctive visitor assets that will provide important new and improved uses to existing heritage buildings.

New public realm adjacent to a refurbished clocktower will create a new town square, as well as connecting projects and reducing congestion within the centre.

Find out more about the Royal Harbour projects:


Investment in two community access points including one at Newington and one in central Ramsgate. These will provide the spaces for people to access information and first stage activity as part of wider career development.

This will include training kitchens, community teaching space, opportunities for intermediate labour markets and information exchange, as well as space for existing local charities to operate out of.

Find out more about the Assets to Connect with Opportunities projects:


On Wednesday 31st January we hosted a stakeholder event at 5a Broad Street with some of our key stakeholders from across Ramsgate. The event was well attended and successful in giving us real insight into the opportunities and priorities across the town. Further information about the Place Plan will be sent out Spring 2024.

In the meantime, please see the information presented at the Place Plan Event here.

If you require this information in another format, please email ramsgate-future@thanet.gov.uk.


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