Local Plan Examination Core Documents

List of Local Plan Core Documents...

List of Local Plan Core Documents

CD1.1      CD1.1 Draft Thanet Local Plan Reg 19/ Policies map

CD1.2      Draft Infrastructure Development Plan July 2018 TDC

CD1.3      Thanet DC LP & CIL Viability Assessment – Final Report Dixon Searle 2017

CD1.4      Appendix I Assumptions Summary Dixon Searle 2017

CD1.5      Appendix IIa Residential Results Summary Dixon Searle 2017

CD1.6      Appendix IIb strategic sites summary + summaries Dixon Searle 2017

CD1.7      Appendix IIc appraisal summaries Dixon Searle 2017

CD1.8      Appendix IIc Results Summary Commercial Dixon Searle 2017

CD1.9      TDC Appendix III v3 Dixon Searle 2017

CD1.10    CoStar Extracts Dixon Searle 2017

CD1.11    Thanet DC LP CIL Viability Assessment – Update Report – Strategic Sites 2018 Dixon Searle

CD1.12    Appendix I Strategic Sites – Updated Results Dixon Searle 2018

CD1.13    Appendix II Strategic Sites – Updated Appraisal Summaries Dixon Searle 2018



CD3.1        Town Centre Retail, Leisure, Tourism and Culture Assessment – December  2012 Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners

CD3.2        Town Centre Retail, Leisure, Tourism and Culture Assessment Appendices –  December 2012 Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners

CD3.3        Thanet Retail and Leisure Assessment – July 2016  Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners

CD3.4         Thanet Retail and Leisure Assessment 2018 Update   Lichfields January 2018


CD5.1      Thanet Landscape Character Assessment August 2017 Land Use Consultants

CD5.2      Thanet Landscape Character map  Land Use Consultants

CD5.3      Statement of consultation for the Thanet Landscape Character Assessment  August 2018   Thanet District Council

CD5.4      Strategic Access Management and Monitoring Plan – Main Report (April 2016)  V Hyland Associates Ltd, Blackwood Bayne Ltd

CD5.5       Thanet SAMM Revised Tariff 17K (April 2017) V Hyland Associates Ltd, Blackwood Bayne Ltd

CD5.6      CD5.6 Memorandum of Understanding with CCC (PDF only)

CD5.7      CD5.7 SAMM SLA (PDF only)

CD5.8      Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) Volume 1(24th April 2009) Entec Strategic Flood Risk  Assessment Volume 2 contains the maps that accompany the report. Detailed maps are available on the website.

This has now been superseded by SFRA

CD5.9      Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Volume 3- Modelling Methodology

CD5.10    Strategic Flood Risk Assessment addendum January 2018    Thanet District Council

CD5.11    Local Green Space report January 2018 Thanet District Council

CD5.12    Addendum to the Report on Assessment of Local Green Space Proposals  August 2018  Thanet District Council

CD5.13    Open Space Strategy, Playing Pitch Strategy and Sports Facility Strategy Executive Summary  June 2018   4 Global, Strategic Leisure Limited

CD5.14    Open Space Strategy June 2018

CD5.15    Playing Pitch Strategy  September 2018

CD5.16    Indoor Sports Facilities Strategy – Main Report   September 2018

CD5.17    Indoor Sports Facilities Strategy – Appendices

CD5.18    Air Quality Action Plan 2013

CD5.19    Thanet Air Quality Technical Planning Guidance 2016 Thanet District Council and Kent and Medway Air Quality Air Quality Partnership

CD5.20    Annual Status Report June 2017 Thanet District Council

CD5.21    Isle of Grain to South Foreland Shoreline Management Plan Review (2010)

CD5.22    Thanet Surface Water Management Plan 2013


CD6.1      District Transport Strategy TDC/KCC 2018

CD6.2      Local Transport Plan for Kent 2016-31 KCC

CD6.3      Traffic Forecasting Report Amey/KCC 2018

CD6.4      Local Model Validation Report Amey/KCC 2018

CD6.5      Forecast Junction Assessments Report Amey/KCC 2018

CD6.6      Corridor Studies Existing Conditions Amey/KCC 2018

CD6.7      SRN Impact Report Amey/KCC 2018

CD6.8      A28 Technical Note Amey/KCC 2018

CD6.9      Thanet Cycling Plan TDC/KCC 2003

CD6.10    Feet First strategy TDC/KCC 2005

CD6.11    Amey Technical Note – Strategic Site Allocations Impact 2018


CD8.1   Matters, Issues and Questions  15 February 2019

CD8.2   Examination Guidance Note   15 February 2019

CD8.3   Examination Hearing Programme  15 February 2019 – NOTE – This has been superseded by CD8.5 dated 12 March 2019 

CD8.4   Matters, Issues and Questions amended    4 March 2019 – NOTE – This has superseded CD8.1

CD8.5  Examination Hearing Programme Final    Updated 12 March 2019

CD8.6  Statement of Common Ground Birchington SP14

CD8.7   Statement of Common Ground Westgate SP15  22 March 2019_

CD8.8  Statement of Common Ground Westwood – SP16 

CD8.9   Statement of Common Ground Westwood Village SP18

CD8.10  Relevant representation submitted to PINS in October 2018

CD8.11  TLG Out of Area Vulnerable Placements (Same as CD4.6)

CD8.12  TPW Station – The Impact on Housing Delivery Report  25 March 2019 (Same as CD4.7)

CD8.13  Amey Technical Note – Strategic Site Allocations Impact 2018 (Same as CD6.11)

CD8.14  Interim SA Summary Report 2013 (Same as CD7.4.2)

CD8.15  Annual Monitoring Report-2018 (Same as CD7.12)

CD8.16  Local Development Scheme  March 2019 (Same as CD7.13)

CD8.17  Omission Sites in Response to the Publication Local Plan January 2019  (Same as CD4.5)

CD8.18 Examination Hearing Programme  28 March 2019  Supersedes CD8.5

CD8.19 L-001  Inspector’s initial questions to the Council

CD8.20 TDC-001  TDC response to initial questions

CD8.21 RPS-001  Requesting adjournment of the LP Examination

CD8.22 TDC -002  TDC response to RPS

CD8.23 L-002  Letter from Inspectors responding to RPS



CD9.1 Thanet District Council Local Plan Examination Opening Statement – 2 April 2019

CD9.2  Settlement pattern and hierarchy

CD9.3  Housing Levels for Rural Settlements

CD9.4  Highways Infrastructure – Statement of Common Ground

CD9.5  Note on Open Space requirements

CD9.6  Note on housing sites within EA Flood zones 2&3

CD9.7  Note regarding Strategic Housing Market Assessment

CD9.8  Note for Inspector on London Migration

CD9.9  Inner Circuit Delivery Strategy  note

CD9.10 Thanet GTAA Final Report March 2019

CD9.11 Examination Hearing Update 3 May 2019


Documents submitted post hearings


CD9.12 Eurokent Appeal Decision Letter

CD9.12.1 Eurokent Appeal – Report to the secretary of state

CD9.13  TDC LP CIL Viability Assessment – Update Report ICRIS – Strategic Sites 2019

CD9.14 Revised Schedule of Hearings update 17 May 2019

CD9.15 Note for Inspectors on HRA and emission-sensitive features of the SAC

CD9.16 Note for Inspector SAMM contributions

CD9.17 Inspectors note Community business space

CD9.18 Conversion to flats guidelines 1988

CD9.19 Local Plan Policy for Manston Airport

CD9.20 Note on Technical Standards 

CD9.21  Position Statement on Gypsy & Traveller provision 

CD9.22 Note for Inspectors on affordable housing

CD9.24 Updated Rescheduled Hearings programme  (1 July 2019)

CD9.25 Letter from BDP Pitmans about Manston Airport ownership

CD9.26 Statement of Common Ground with Natural England

CD9.27 Letter from TDC to Inspectors regarding Manston Airport hearing session

CD9.28 Letter from Inspectors regarding Manston Airport hearing session

CD9.29 Hotels Information

CD9.30 Update of 5 year land supply position 

CD9.31  Audit note of heritage assessment of allocated housing sites

CD9.32  Additional Sustainability Appraisal work

CD9.33  Note for Inspectors Inner Circuit



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