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        Temporary accommodation FAQ’s

        If I am placed into temporary accommodation what will I be offered

        If we place you, we will make contact with our provider to establish what is available at that particular time. It is likely you will be offered accommodation on a nightly paid basis until the outcome of your application, or until you find suitable accommodation.


        Will I be placed within the Thanet area

        We will always do our utmost to keep any household within the Thanet District, however this is not always possible due to the shortage of suitable emergency accommodation. If you are placed outside of Thanet we will look to move you back to the district at the earliest opportunity.


        How long will I be in temporary accommodation for

        The accommodation will be available to you until you are successfully accommodated elsewhere or until the council no longer owes a duty to accommodate you.


        Do I have to pay for temporary accommodation

        Yes. The accommodation is charged at the local housing allowance rate depending upon your household size and you will need to make an application for housing benefit.


        Can I bring all my belongings into the temporary accommodation

        You can bring any personal belongings with you such as clothing. The majority of properties are furnished, however if you unsure speak to the Temporary Accommodation Officer.


        Who do I contact about repairs in my temporary accommodation

        You will need to contact the landlord for your accommodation depending upon who this may be. Please find the relevant contact numbers below:

        • Paramount Independent Properties – 01634 733123
        • Thanet District Council (Mears) – 0800 023 4320

        Can I take my pet into temporary accommodation

        Unfortunately pets are not allowed. You may need to explore whether a friend or family member can temporarily foster your pet. Alternatively advice can be found here.


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