Residents Charter

Our Residents’ Charter outlines some of the Council’s most important service standards.

This Charter was put together with help from the Community Matters Residents’ Panel, who gave ideas on the content, style and name of the document.

Our Residents’ Charter explains what you can expect from your Council in our main customer facing services:

Collecting your rubbish and recycling:

  • missed collections picked up within three working days
  • main roads swept weekly and town centres daily
  • chargeable bulky waste service available on request with collection within five working days
  • rubbish collected Monday to Friday between 6am - 2pm - except for Christmas and New Year

Visit our rubbish and recycling pages for more information.

How we deal with your benefits enquiry

  • most new benefit claims processed within 22 days
  • any change of circumstances processed within nine working days
  • all benefits calculated using national guidelines
  • all reports of alleged benefit fraud investigated, based on the information received

Visit our benefit pages for more information

Are you getting everything you are entitled to?

There are over 1.7 million pensioners not claiming the financial help that they are entitled to - are you one of them?

Do you live alone or are you on low income?

If so, you could be entitled to financial help

To find out more call 01843 577552

Your Council Tax

  • change of circumstances regarding your Council Tax account updated within ten working days
  • Pay by Direct Debit, online, in person, by post or over the phone
  • discounts available to single people, full-time students and people with disabilities
  • help and advice if you are having problems paying your Council Tax

Visit our Council Tax pages for more information.

Help with your housing

  • Visit our housing pages for more information. A same day housing advice available
  • housing advice interview arranged within ten working days
  • housing estates and shared areas inspected daily (Mon-Fri)
  • complaints of disrepair in privately rented hones investigated within ten working days
  • emergency repairs for council tenants carried out within 24 hours and non-urgent repairs within 17 days

Your planning needs

  • minor planning applications decided within eight weeks
  • letters sent to occupiers of all properties next to the site of every planning application
  • residents can arrange to speak for or against an application if it goes to Planning Committee
  • same day inspection when you start building work, if you ring before 10am
  • building surveyors contactable by mobile phone to deal with on-site problems

Visit our planning pages for more information

Your right to equal treatment

We believe in equal treatment for all and you should be assured that you will not be treated any differently because of your gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation or religion