Hotel Leslie

Principle of Development

The site of the former 50-bedroom house of multiple occupancy has been re-developed to provide five new family homes – three town houses at the front with two mews-style houses.

This is the second building to be worked on and to be added to the Housing Intervention Programme, which strives to provide good quality family accommodation in Cliftonville West and Margate Central.

The Housing Intervention Programme is building on the momentum created by the changes to improve the built environment of Margate and transform the local housing market.

Character and appearance of the area

The Cliftonville area comprises a variety of homes, with rich character and high standards of design making it is a fine example of historic seaside architecture.

The development is in keeping with other properties within the surrounding area, positively improving its character and appearance. Other works to surrounding properties have begun through private investment.

Demolition and re-development works

The decision to demolish the former Hotel Leslie was thought of over a long period of time and concluded to be the cheapest, the safest and the best option for all parties involved. It was considered that any conversion of the existing property would do little to improve the contribution and the resulting accommodation would be inappropriate for family housing.

Works included:

  • Demolition of the existing building
  • Construction of the new buildings including windows, insulation, electricity, plumbing etc.
  • Internal decor and amenities including new kitchens and bathrooms
  • Landscaped gardens including a shed in each.

Work began 23 July 2013 and was completed the following summer.


The council was anxious that the demolition and rebuild  did not affect the living conditions of neighbouring property occupiers, or highway safety. The development has provided family housing of quality that enhances the setting of the properties and character of Surrey Road generally. These are wonderful new and affordable homes for families to move in to, suiting the housing need locally.

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