Housing Benefits and help with rent costs

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is live in the Thanet district and this means you should visit the Department of Work and Pensions if you need to make a new claim for benefits.

Help with rent costs

Housing Benefit rules have changed if you’re working age (18 to 65) and would like help with your rent costs.

You can no longer claim housing benefit from the council unless you’re:

  • living Temporary Accommodation provided by us
  • living in Supported Accommodation

In all other cases you will have to claim help with your rent costs as part of a Universal Credit claim with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit helps you pay your rent if you are on a low income. The amount of housing benefit you get is worked out by looking at:

  • how much money you have coming in;
  • your circumstances and the amount of rent you have to pay
  • the amount of savings you have. You need to have less than £16,000 savings to qualify. But you may have more savings than this and still get Housing Benefit if you or your partner get the guaranteed part of Pension Credit

Use the benefit calculator to see what help you can get. You can also use our self help tool which will enable you to see your income and expenditure, click here for more information.

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