25 November, 2021

Thanet District Council first UK council to sign up to new Litter Lotto app

Thanet District Council is the first council in the UK to sign up to LitterLotto, a new app which actively encourages people to bin litter.

LitterLotto launched in October and gives users the chance to win thousands of instant cash prizes each month, simply by binning litter. All litter counts — from a single cigarette stub, to a takeaway meal box.

Users simply download the free app, then take a picture through it as they bin litter. Each time they bin litter, they get another entry into the LitterLotto, and more chances to win spot prizes.

Users can win a monthly jackpot of £10,000, as well as one of the spot prizes ranging up to £250. LitterLotto funds all prizes associated with using the app. Jackpot prizes are supported by their corporate partners which are global brands, including McDonald’s.

To encourage more users, LitterLotto stickers have also been placed on street litter bins across Thanet.

Councillor Bob Bayford, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services and Special Projects at Thanet District Council, said:
“We are delighted to be the first council in the UK to roll out the LitterLotto initiative, which will work in parallel with our ongoing anti-litter education and behaviour change campaigns to help keep our district clean and litter-free.
“LitterLotto not only benefits the people who can win prizes for binning their litter, but it will also incentivise people in Thanet to do the right thing with their rubbish which helps protect the environment in our communities and beyond.”
LitterLotto is calling on the public to support the movement to clean up our streets and countryside and tackle the problem of two million pieces of litter (23 items per second) discarded every day.

Simon Jacobs, Director from LitterLotto, commented: “We have created an app and have started a movement aimed at tackling the UK’s litter issue head on. We’re encouraging people to take the problem into their own hands and win prizes for their proactivity.

“I am passionate about making our environment a cleaner place to live. LitterLotto puts the litter problem in the public’s hands and incentivises them to make a difference. It’s a fantastic concept, and a win-win for everyone, most notably our planet.”

The app from a British company was first trialled in Denmark in August 2021, where it was received with overwhelming support and staggering results, with almost 85 percent of all the litter binned being picked up from the ground by tens of thousands of users.

For more information and to download the LitterLotto app, visit www.LitterLotto.com.

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