13 June, 2018

Criminal Behaviour Order obtained to address persistent anti-social behaviour in Margate

Thanet District Council has successfully obtained a Criminal Behaviour Order on a person who had been causing substantial anti-social behaviour issues in Margate town centre. thanks to a joint initiative with Kent Police.

Following an application from the council on Monday 11 June, Margate Magistrates’ Court granted the two-year order on Matthew Broadbridge the same day to address the persistent issues which were causing public concern.

Mr Broadbridge, who has accomodation, is now restricted from undertaking the following behaviours:

  1. Sleep or leave belongings in any public shelter or shop doorway in the District of Thanet
  2. Be aggressive, abusive or cause harassment, alarm or distress or annoyance.
  3. Possess, carry or consume alcohol in public spaces within the district of Thanet.
  4. Urinate, defecate, spit or otherwise emit bodily fluids in public spaces
  5. Expose himself or engage in sexual activity in public spaces.

If he is witnessed undertaking any of these behaviours he can be arrested by Police and the public are advised to call 999.

This action came as part of a joint initiative with Kent Police, following a regular pattern of anti-social behaviour and a large volume of complaints by traders and local businesses.

In March, Mr Broadbridge was convicted of a public order offence in the Margate area. As a result of this, and following the repeated disregard to other action, the council applied to the Criminal Prosecution Service to request the court consider a Criminal Behaviour Order.

Cabinet Member for Housing and Safer Neighbourhoods, Cllr Lesley Game, said: “This action has not been taken lightly. A number of warnings have already been issued and plans put in place to support this individual. As a result of his continuous refusal to engage with this support, we had to balance this with the impact his behaviour is having on the wider community and it became clear that this was the appropriate course of action to take. I would like to thank the residents and traders for taking their time to highlight their concerns and I hope that this will bring some reassurance to the local community.”

Kent Police Inspector Lara Connor from Thanet Community Safety Unit said: “Broadbridge pleaded guilty in court to threatening behaviour towards shop staff during a disturbance in College Walk on Friday 2 February, so he is aware his behaviour towards others is not acceptable. I’m pleased the court has seen fit to issue Broadbridge with a criminal behaviour order and I suggest he uses the restrictions placed upon him as the motivation needed to address any issues. I hope this brings reassurance to local businesses that any incidents of anti-social behaviour like this will not be tolerated by officers, and should be reported to us if experienced by their staff or shoppers.’

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