18 May, 2021

Margate Town Deal Blog: Board agrees the final project list

The Board has agreed the final project list for the Margate Town Deal. Read a blog by Chris Paddock, Director of PRD Ltd about their framework which supported the Board with its re-prioritisation of projects.

Back in March, the Margate Town Deal Board received a fairly positive response to its bid for £29 million from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG):  the Ministry asked the Board to submit a  revised Project List within a budget of up to £22.2 million of public funding.

The Heads of Terms of the MHCLG Agreement can be found here.

The Board has until 24 May to submit a revised Project List (and accompanying spend profiles).

Its first task has been to re-prioritise the projects within the Town Investment Plan to deliver a Deal for Margate for £22.2 million of public investment.

The Board wanted to ensure there was a transparent scoring process which would stand up to scrutiny and ultimately ensure that the projects chosen are those best placed to deliver the priorities of Margate’s Town Investment Plan and those of the Towns Fund.

The Board commissioned consultants PRD Ltd to help with that.

As specialist external consultants, we produced a framework to help rank projects against the original requirements of the Towns Fund programme, the priorities of the Margate Town Investment Plan and the Government’s Green Book business case criteria.

This framework was used to provide a systematic approach for the Board to compare projects. Where necessary, further information was gathered.

Town Investment Plan Intervention Project Funding Allocation

Intervention 1:

Scaling Creative Production and Skills

Creative Land Trust £6,000,000
Outreach programme £900,000
Theatre Royal £2,000,000

Intervention 2:

Coastal Wellbeing

Access Walpole £1,100,000
Testing new uses, participation and skills programme £1,200,000
Improved Coastal Environment Oval Bandstand: £500,000
Skatepark: £750,000

Intervention 3:

Active Movement and Connections

Highway Interventions
Public Realm Interventions

Intervention 4:

Heritage Assets

Dreamland £4,000,000
Winter Gardens Feasibility £500,000

More information about the process that the Board followed can be found here.

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