9 July, 2021

Update on Additional Restrictions Grants

The council has distributed £4.4million in Additional Restrictions Grants (ARGs) so far as part of a package of support to local businesses from central Government.

The last round of payments were made by the council in May, with most businesses receiving £700 (larger businesses received up to £1,575). 

We will now be making further payments of £1,000 to approximately 400 local businesses. Larger businesses will receive £1,500 or £2,250. These payments are not related to a specific time period, but are instead classed as a ‘top-up’ to the first payments. 

Payments will be made automatically to the businesses that received a grant in May 2021 and can confirm our insolvency/Subsidy (State Aid) checks. We have already contacted the relevant businesses directly by email, and payments have begun. 

Only those businesses who are contacted by the council are eligible for this latest top-up grant, and there is no new application scheme for businesses to complete. 

The council received dedicated Government funding for the ARG scheme as part of the pandemic. When these final payments are made, this funding pot will have been almost used in its entirety.

Cllr David Saunders, Cabinet Member for Finance, said:

“The Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) scheme has been a lifeline to a number of our local businesses. It is positive news that we are able to top-up existing grants and support them during the final stages of the Government roadmap and onto recovery. 

“Together with the other grants schemes and rate relief available from Central Government, we have successfully administered over £80 million in financial support during the pandemic. This is a significant amount of money supporting our local businesses at a really critical time. 

“Our priority is to ensure money reaches local business’ bank accounts as quickly as possible. We created a sophisticated system earlier in the pandemic which means funds can be automatically disseminated without a new application process. Businesses do not need to apply, but instead confirm they are still trading when we contact them and their top-up payment can be processed.”


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