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Just like your favourite online shop, we've organised this website around the services we deliver. Use the alphabetical service list below, or the search box, to find the service area and then task that you want to complete.



Beaches and coastline


Building Control


Business rates

Cemeteries and Crematorium

Communications and publicity

Community Engagement

Commercial Property and Estates

Community Safety

Make a complaint, comment or compliment

Conservation and sustainability


Council governance

Council Tax

Councillors, the Council and meetings

Dogs and dog wardens

Education and Learning

Elections and Voting

Emergency Planning

Energy and climate change

Environmental Health

Equality, Access and Inclusion

Event Organisation

Food Safety


Health and safety in the workplace

Homelessness and prevention


How does the council make decisions?

Pay your council bills

How I request information from the Council?

Local Jobs

Kent innovation centre

Local Land Charges

Licences and Trading

Noise and air quality


Parks and open spaces

Managing council performance


Planning Policy

Ports and harbours

Preventing pollution

Recycling and Rubbish


Sport and leisure

Statistics and census information

Street care & cleaning

Street names and numbering in Thanet

Tenders and contracts

Thanet Gateway Plus



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