18 January, 2023

Cabinet to discuss proposal to introduce PSPO to tackle litter and anti-social behaviour in Athelstan and Ethelbert Roads in Margate

Cabinet will discuss plans to introduce a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) on Athelstan and Ethelbert Roads at a meeting on Thursday 26 January. The aim of the PSPO is to reduce the amount of litter and rubbish on these streets, as well as address other anti-social behaviour (ASB) including noise nuisance. This forms part of a wider Thanet Multi-agency Task Force project to help to reduce crime and ASB and improve the appearance of the two roads. 

Residents and business owners, as well as landlords with properties in Athelstan and Ethelbert Roads and neighbouring streets, were invited to give their views on the proposed PSPO, in a public consultation that drew to a close on Friday 9 December. 

The council received a total of 80 formal written responses to the public consultation. 92% of respondents indicated that they either agreed or strongly agreed with the proposals. To help ensure that the consultation was accessible to all residents, a visual representation of the proposed rules was distributed and a further 21 households submitted their views via this route. 

The issues that survey respondents identified as being most important to them were fly-tipping or dumped rubbish, dog fouling and the general appearance of the area. 

If approved by Cabinet, the PSPO will come into effect on Friday 27 January 2023 and the new rules will apply to anyone in Athelstan and Ethelbert Roads. Explanatory signs will be installed and enforcement officers will have the authority to enforce the new rules through Fixed Penalty Notices. The PSPO will be in place for three years. 

The full Cabinet report is available on our website

You can find further information about the Thanet Multi-Agency Task Force on our website.

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