Cliftonville Development Plan Evidence Base

        The following documents form the Evidence Base that informed the preparation of the Cliftonville DPD.

        Please contact the Strategic Planning team below if you would like a hard copy of any of the documents, would like any of these documents in another format (eg large print, braille) or would like copies of documents that are not available electronically.

        No.Document NameBrief DescriptionCategoryElectronic Copy
        1Report of the Kent Child Protection Committee Inquiry into the general concerns by officers and politicians in the Thanet Area regarding Child and Public Protection IssuesReport of an Inquiry into provision of child protection, associated premises and allocation of vulnerable children from other local authorities to Cliftonville.  This document also has a lot of background information on deprivation/poor standard of living for Thanet and Cliftonville.Issues / problems in CliftonvilleDownload PDF (1083KB)
        2House of Commons – Communities and Local Government Committee – Coastal Towns – Second Report of Session 2006-07Analysis of common characteristics and problems facing coastal towns – Margate was used as one of the research examples. Also includes reference to ‘social dumping’ of vulnerable people (paras 32,33)Issues / problems in CliftonvilleLink to document 2 via parliament UK website
        3Government Response to the Communities and Local Government Committee Report on Coastal Towns May 2007Document setting out the Governments response to document (2) and any necessary action pointsIssues / problems in CliftonvilleLink to document 3
        4The South East PlanSection B – Policies RE6, TSR1, SP4, CC1, CC6

        Section C – Policies EKA3, EKA4

        Paragraph 2.9 refers to policies in the Kent and Medway Structure Plan, however the adopted South East Plan now contains relevant policy equivalents

        National/ Regional PolicyLink to document 4 via National Archive website
        5Regional Economic Strategy for the South East 2006-2016Priorities for South East Economic Contour

        Target 14

        National/ Regional PolicyPlease contact Strategic Planning
        6Planning Policy Statement 1: Delivering Sustainable DevelopmentNational/ Regional PolicyLink to document 6
        7 Planning Policy Statement 3 – HousingNational/ Regional PolicyLink to document 7
        8 Planning Policy Guidance 13 – TransportNational/ Regional PolicyLink to document 8
        9Good Practice Guide on Planning for Tourism – July 2006Identifies Tourism as a catalyst for growth and regeneration – relevant as tourism may once again become more significant to CliftonvilleTourism in CliftonvilleLink to document 9
        10Here to Stay? Tourist Accommodation Retention and Loss – Guidance for Local Authorities on the Development of Planning Policy – October 2006Guidance resulting from research relating to the retention or loss of hotels and relevant planning policies – a consideration in deciding whether or not such a policy would be appropriate for CliftonvilleTourism in CliftonvilleLink to document 10
        11Thanet District Local Plan 2006Policy H10Local Policies/ Strategies/ InitiativesLink to document 11
        12Council Policy & Supplementary Planning Guidance for Residential Accommodation in Cliftonville West Renewal Area 2006The adopted Council policy restricting development of one bedroom flatsOne Bedroom FlatsLink to document 12
        13Conversion to Flats Guidelines – 1988Supplementary Planning Guidance including room size standards – entire guidelines in LDS for review commencing 2011Space StandardsLink to document 13
        14Kent Vehicle Parking Standards 2006 – Supplementary Planning Guidance SPG4 to the Kent & Medway Structure PlanIncludes parking and cycle parking standards referred to in Chapter 9 of the DPDCar ParkingPlease contact Strategic Planning
        15Thanet District Council – Parking SurveyCar parking survey carried out to assess the extent to which parking is a problem in CliftonvilleCar ParkingDownload PDF (737KB)
        16Housing Space Standards – Mayor of London – August 2006Research commissioned by the GLA regarding the use of internal space standards in the planning systemSpace StandardsDownload PDF(1988 KB)








        Mid Sussex District Council – Dwelling Space Standards SPDConsultation Leaflet


        Committee Report

        Dwelling Space Standards SPD – Background Document

        Recently adopted SPD setting internal space standardsIncluding arguments for and against using space standards

        Including responses to consultation (Item 6)

        Background information relating to SPD

         Space Standardsdocument 17(a)

        Link to document 17(b)


        document 17(c)


        17d not available electronically

        18Thanet District Council – News ReleasesPress releases relating to the DPD and other Council initiatives being carried out in CliftonvilleLocal Policies/ Strategies/ InitiativesDownload PDF (98KB)
        19Shared Intelligence Report – Margate Renewal StudyStudy and analysis of deprivation issues in Cliftonville West and Margate Central WardsLocal Policies/ Strategies/ InitiativesLink to document 19 via Margate Renewal Partnership website
        20Planning Brief – Arlington SiteBrief prepared for the site in Margate, as part of regeneration initiatives for the area.  Potential for an increase in Tourism in Cliftonville.Local Policies/

        Strategies/ Initiatives

        Link to document 20
        21Planning Brief – DreamlandBrief prepared for Dreamland establishing aspirations for the regeneration of the site. Potential for an increase in Tourism in Cliftonville.Local Policies/

        Strategies/ Initiatives

        Download PDF(3314kb)
        22Margate Renewal Partnerships Implementation PlanSets out a framework for the next 10-15 years for the regeneration of MargateLocal Policies/

        Strategies/ Initiatives

        Link to document 22
        23Thanet Cultural StrategySets out proposals for developing cultural initiatives including proposals for Margate, includes details from public consultation which is also relevant to CliftonvilleLocal Policies/

        Strategies/ Initiatives

        Link to document 23
        24Thanet Visitor Economy Framework and Action Plan (2007-2011) – The visionVision of Tourism in Kent by 2020 (including Thanet and Margate), and Thanet’s implementation planTourism in CliftonvilleDownload PDF (74KB)


        Download Executive summary (66KB)

        25Cliftonville Preferred Options DocumentDocument produced as part of the Reg 26 consultationLocal Policies/ Strategies/ InitiativesLink to document 25
        26Cliftonville Issues and Options leafletQuestionnaire produced as part of the Reg 25 consultationLocal Policies/

        Strategies/ Initiatives

        Link to document 26
        27Cliftonville Statement of ConsultationSets out consultation processes, main issues raised, and how those issues have been addressed (includes each Preferred Option with explanation as to why included in final document or not)Local Policies/

        Strategies/ Initiatives

        Download PDF (338KB)
        28Thanet District Council Local Development SchemeIncludes timetable for the Cliftonville DPDLocal Policies/

        Strategies/ Initiatives

        Link to document 28
        29Thanet District Council Annual Monitoring ReportIncludes monitoring for the one-bedroom flat policy for CliftonvilleLocal Policies/Strategies/ InitiativesLink to document 29
        30Thanet District Council – Statement of Community Involvement Adopted February 2007Sets out the Councils strategy for community involvement in the Planning Process.Local Policies/

        Strategies/ Initiatives

        Link to document 30
        31Thanet District Council – draft Housing Renewal Strategy June 2009Document produced by Housing setting out strategy and action plan to improve housing situation in the Renewal Areas. This is an updated draft for public consultation which was being prepared at the time of the Preferred Options DocumentLocal Policies/

        Strategies/ Initiatives

        Download PDF (348 KB)
        32The EKLSP Sustainable Community Strategy 2009Sustainable Community Strategy for Canterbury, Dover, Shepway and Thanet. Sets long term vision for East Kent.National/ Regional PoliciesDocument no longer available online
        33The Pattern of Deprivation in Kent based on The Indices of Deprivation 2007Includes statistics and deprivation figures for Cliftonville and ThanetIssues/problems in CliftonvilleDownload PDF

        (3908 KB)

        34The Economic Impact of Tourism on Thanet 2006Page 4 summarises the significance of tourism as part of Thanet’s economyTourism in CliftonvilleLink to document 34
        35Shaping our Future – Thanet Local Development Framework Core Strategy Preferred Options – Consultation Document (September 2009)Thanet’s draft Core StrategyLocal Policies/

        Strategies/ Initiatives

        Link to document 35
        36In the Matter of Thanet District Council and of the West Cliftonville Neighbourhood Renewal AreaLegal advice sought by Thanet District on the appropriateness of the one-bedroom flat policy, prior to its 2006 adoption. One bedroom flatsNot available electronically – please contact Strategic Planning
        37Strategic Housing Market Assessment for the East Kent sub-regionContains various statistics relating to housing, along with comparisons to other East Kent districts, and concludes that Thanet has a long-term problem with high numbers of flatsIssues / problems in CliftonvilleLink to document 36
        38Cliftonville Regeneration – Kent Property Board 15 JulyPresentation given by Director of Community Services including issues/statistics relating to CliftonvilleIssues / problems in CliftonvilleAvailable as Powerpoint Presentation – please contact Strategic Planning
        39Appeal DecisionsAppeal Decisions that were dismissed, taking into consideration the 2006 adopted one-bedroom flat policyOne Bedroom FlatsNot available electronically – please contact Strategic Planning
        40Thanet District Council – Survey of Visitor Accommodation Providers in CliftonvilleResults of survey carried out by TDC of remaining hotels/guesthouses in the Cliftonville areaTourism in CliftonvilleDownload PDF (107 KB)

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