Hotel Embassy

Principle of Development

This major development project involved the conversion of a former hotel, in use as a house in multiple occupation (HMO) for some time. Thanet District Council strives for a “community (which) will be a mixed and settled one, including families with children living in accommodation suited to their needs.” The hotel was converted into two four bedroom houses with rear gardens, suitable for family occupation.

Character and appearance

The surrounding area comprises a mix of terraced, detached and semi-detached properties which are primarily two and three storeys in height and traditional in form. Whilst some of the properties have been extended to the front, the majority benefit from walled front gardens and traditional timber balconies at first floor level.

50-50A Surrey Road had a single storey extension to the front and a substantial three storey extension to the rear; both visible from the surrounding area.

The external works included the removal of an unsympathetic rear extension. A new rear extension which has better regard to the design of the main property replaced it.  Front gardens and balconies were reinstated which are characteristic of the surrounding area.

The result is a development which is in keeping with other properties within the surrounding area, positively improving its character and appearance.

Living conditions

It was considered that the new single storey rear extension would impact upon neighbouring property occupiers to a lesser degree than the existing extension, due to its reduced height, depth as well as its pitched roof form compared to the existing extension.

The reduced number of bedrooms (23 bedrooms, down to eight in total) has resulted in improved living conditions of neighbouring property occupiers due to a reduced number of movements to and from the site, and reduced noise and disturbance.

Future occupiers of the proposed development will enjoy a high standard of accommodation, with good room sizes, rooms enjoying natural light, outlook and ventilation, and large rear gardens.

Renovation work

Works to the Embassy were exhaustive and included:

  • The demolition of the front and rear extensions
  • Reinstatement of the original façade (including balcony)
  • New windows and doors
  • New roof including insulation
  • New single storey rear extension
  • New central heating
  • Electrical rewire
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Ground works
  • Joinery
  • Brick and Block work.

The works to convert the Hotel Embassy into two four-bed family homes was approximately £340,000. The project was completed in January 2014.


This development provides family housing of a high quality which contributes positively to the environment. It does not adversely affect the living conditions of neighbouring property occupiers, or highway safety.

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