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        Planning conditions

        Approve, remove or vary a condition

        Applications can be submitted with supporting documents and paid for online.  Alternatively forms can be printed off below and sent to the council with payment.

        Apply to have planning conditions discharged, confirmed or removed.

        Planning conditions are often applied when planning permission is granted. They limit and control the way that permission may be implemented.You may be granted planning permission subject to conditions that require approval of further details, such as material samples or proposed landscaping.Please read the frequently asked questions below for more information.


        How do I get my conditions approved?

        Applications can be submitted and paid for online with supporting documents using the link above.

        Alternatively forms can be printed off and sent to the council with payment.

        Even if you have already submitted details to someone else (such as the Environment Agency or Highway Authority) you still need to submit the application to the Planning Applications Team as conditions can only be approved by the council.



        How do I vary or remove a condition?

        Information submitted for conditions cannot change the original approved drawings.

        If you want to remove or vary a condition applications can be submitted and paid for online with supporting documents using the link above.

        Alternatively forms can be printed off and sent to the council with payment.

        If you are unhappy about any of the conditions on your planning permission you can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. This must be lodged within 6 months of the date of the decision (or 12 weeks for a householder application).


        How much does it cost?

        There is a standard charge of £34 for approval of planning conditions attached to planning permission for householder applications and £116 for all other developments, per request.  Therefore if you apply for approval of all your conditions at once, you will only be charged one fee. However, if you send in details for each condition separately, these will be counted as separate ‘requests’ and you will have to pay further fees.

        No fee will be payable where it relates to a Listed Building Consent.

        Where exchange of information / correspondence is on-going a further fee will not be required. However, once the council has made a decision on your application a revised request will attract a fee.

        You will be charged again if you want to revise approved details. There is no ‘free go’


        Can I request written confirmation of approved conditions?

        Requests for written confirmation of approved conditions should be made in writing to the Planning Applications Team. The fee for this enquiry is £48.40 (inclusive of VAT)


        What if I do not apply to get my conditions approved?

        If you begin works on site without getting approval for details that are required before development begins, this may mean that you will not be able to lawfully implement your planning permission.

        This could leave you at risk of enforcement action and sanctions in the case of listed buildings.


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