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        Clinical waste

        Separating disposal of clinical waste

        Request a collection

        If you are registered for the clinical waste service and need a collection, please submit a request. Please see below for the next collection dates.

        Clinical Waste Collection Service

        The next clinical sharps collections will take place on:

        • Minster & Monkton – Wednesday 9th September 2020
        • Rest of Thanet – Thursday 10th September August 2020

        Clinical waste, including needles, must be collected separately from your normal rubbish.

        We offer a free collection for clinical waste from private homes.

        Clinical sacks are collected weekly. Sharps boxes are normally collected on request.

        Register for collections

        If you are not registered and you need to set up a collection, you will need to ask your doctor or another medical professional to write a letter stating that you need a clinical waste collection. You need to send the letter to:

        Recycling & Waste Department
        Clinical Waste Collection
        Thanet District Council
        PO Box 9
        Cecil Street
        CT9 1XZ


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