9 December, 2022

Sixteen new recycling bins installed across the district

Thanet District Council is installing 16 new recycling bins at town centre locations across the district, to create a network of community recycling points. 

The recycling points will be sited within walking distance of properties where there is currently no doorstep recycling collection. The aim is to provide additional opportunities for as many local households as possible to recycle their waste. 

Residents will be able to recycle clean glass and metal containers, and the bins can be emptied on a daily basis to ensure maximum capacity. 

The following locations have been identified for the installation of the recycling bins: 


  • Leopold Street 
  • King Street
  • Elms Avenue


  • Northdown Road / Zion Place junction
  • High Street, next to Boots
  • Canterbury Road, by the Nayland Rock Shelter


  • Station Road, outside the railway station


  • The Square
  • Station Road, outside the Co-operative


  • Pierremont Park
  • Lawn Road, junction with High Street
  • Victoria Gardens
  • Harbour Street, near to the public toilets

We know that clean streets are incredibly important to our residents, and we are committed to improving levels of cleanliness throughout the district. So far in 2022, we have installed a significant number of additional recycling bins across Thanet, including:  

  • 12 360 litre recycling bins at coastal locations (supported by Thanet Rotary)
  • 20 ‘Jubilee’ recycling bins within town centres and areas of high footfall

In addition, a 360 litre recycling bin is due to be installed in the Cavendish Road car park in Ramsgate. 

You can find out more about our waste and recycling services, including how to access your personal collection calendar, on our website

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