8 December, 2022

Council engages with public to update FAQ for Margate Winter Gardens

Thanet District Council is inviting the local community to use its new online engagement platform Your Voice Thanet to share questions they have about the future of the Margate Winter Gardens. 

Since bookings paused temporarily in August, there has been an appetite for information about what happens next. A commitment has already been made to host a public meeting in the future and once appointed, specialist consultants will be conducting a review of the evening and night time economy. The public will be invited to contribute at that stage, as the council works to understand the venue’s future potential.

Prior to those activities, the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the Winter Gardens need to be updated. Rather than assuming what people are curious about, the council wants to hear first hand. To this end, members of the public are invited to add their questions to Your Voice Thanet. This is a chance for the local community to highlight the hot topics that they most want to see addressed in the FAQ section of the council’s Margate Town Deal web pages. 

The questions submitted will be visible to everyone and people will be able to indicate their endorsement of questions people have already asked – up voting them – so the most popular questions are easily spotted. The site will be moderated to ensure that questions don’t contain inappropriate language or breach GDPR.

Cllr Reece Pugh, Deputy Leader of Thanet District Council said: “We have committed to listening to residents, and keeping people up to date with progress at all stages of the Winter Gardens project. Inviting people to submit their questions on Your Voice Thanet is one of the first ways that we are doing this. 

“We hope that lots of people will choose to get involved and share the questions they have. This is the perfect opportunity to do so.” 

There will also be more opportunities to get involved in the engagement around regeneration projects including the Margate Town Deal and Levelling Up. These will be promoted on the council’s website and social media channels once they launch. 

Information about the entire Margate Town Deal can be found on the council’s dedicated project pages: margatetowndeal.co.uk

Your Voice Thanet is a new online platform for residents and businesses to engage with the council and get involved in shaping decisions: YourVoice.Thanet.gov.uk.

You can learn more about Your Voice Thanet in this article in our Newsroom.

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