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Local Plan to 2031  – Latest News (updated 16 July 2020)

 16 July 2020 update

For further updates regarding the new Local Plan, please see the Adopted Thanet Local Plan page.

10 July 2020 update

At the meeting of the Council on 9 July 2020, Thanet District Council adopted the Thanet Local Plan (to 2031), with the Modifications recommended in the Inspectors’ Report.

The Council also adopted the Thanet Landscape Character Assessment as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

Both documents come into force with immediate effect.

The following documents are available to view:

  1. Draft adopted Local Plan text
  2. Thanet Landscape Character Assessment
  3. Inspectors’ Report Thanet Local Plan
  4. Inspectors’ Main Modifications

Further details will follow shortly.

15 June 2020 update

The Inspectors’ Report and Main Modifications have been available to view on the Council’s web-site since 3 April 2020. People are encouraged to continue to view the documentation online, wherever possible.

However, paper copies of the documents can also now be viewed at the Thanet Gateway in Cecil Street, Margate.

In order to comply with Government’s current guidance on COVID-19, attendance at the Gateway is currently by prior appointment only. Please ring 01843 577000 to arrange an appointment.

Please only use this facility to read the documents if you are genuinely unable to view them online. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

15 April 2020 update

A Cabinet report relating to the Local Plan Inspectors’ Report has now been published. Annex 3 of the report has a draft version of the final Local Plan, with the Inspectors’ modifications included.

3 April 2020 update

The Council has now received the Inspectors’ Report (23 March 2020) into the draft Thanet Local Plan.

The Report and the recommended Main Modifications to make the Plan “sound” can be viewed below.

It is intended for the Report and Recommendations to be considered by Council Members in the near future. More detailed information will appear on this web-site in due course.

26 February 2020 update

The Inspectors have asked the Council for comments  in relation to the representations to the Proposed Modifications published in December 2019. The final recommendations on these matters will be for the Inspectors, who will address the relevant issues in their report in due course.

31 January 2020 update

The responses to the Modifications consultation have now been published .  The representations have been forwarded to the Inspectors for their consideration.

28 January 2020 update

Consultation on the Inspectors’ Main Modifications – This consultation is now closed

The Council is consulting on Main Modifications, proposed by the Planning Inspectors, to the Thanet Local Plan that was submitted for Examination in October 2018.

Following the Examination Hearing Sessions, a number of changes are proposed by the Inspectors to the previous ‘Pre-Submission Publication Reg 19’ version of the Local Plan in order to make the Plan sound. Formal representations on the proposed Main Modifications are invited from the public and interested parties. All representations received will be sent to the Inspectors for their consideration. The Inspectors will consider all the representations before finalising the examination report and the schedule of recommended Main Modifications.

Please note that this consultation relates only to the Main Modifications.  The consultation is not an opportunity to repeat or raise further representations about other parts of the Local Plan or to seek wider changes. All previous comments have already been considered by the Inspectors.

This consultation runs until 5pm on Monday 27th January 2020.

A paper copy of the Main Modifications to the draft Local Plan, and related documentation, is also available at: Thanet Gateway Plus, Margate Library, Cecil St, Margate CT9 1RE.

Proposed modifications to the Policies Map and additional modifications are also available to view, as are a Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) relating to the proposed Main Modifications.

28 November 2019 update

Response and comments to the 4 June 2019 update – Water Efficiency, Accessibility and Adaptability and the use of Nationally Described Space Standards

31 October 2019 update

In response to update of 7 October please see comments received by the Programme Officer

10 October 2019 update

On Day 13 of the Hearings, under Matter 13, the Inspector asked the Council (with Kent County Council) to prepare a note to identify alternative highways measures that might be employed at the limited number of “pinch-points” along the route identified under Policy SP47.  This note is now published as CD9.33

7 October 2019 update

Further to the hearing sessions, the Inspectors asked the Council to provide additional or updated information in relation to three matters:

  •  Update of 5-year housing land supply position CD9.30
  •  Audit note of heritage assessment of allocated housing sites CD9.31
  •  Additional Sustainability Appraisal work CD9.32

2 July 2019 update

Please note this updated version of the rescheduled hearings taking place between 9th and 19th July.

24 June 2019 update

Further to the hearing session on Wednesday 3 April the Inspectors asked the Council to produce a note on the level of affordable housing that would be required on qualifying developments, having particular regard to the viability of reusing previously developed (brownfield) land.  This note is now available  to download from the examination website.  Should any participants wish to comment on the additional information further representations must be made in writing and received by the Programme Officer no later than 5pm on Friday 12 July.

4 June 2019 update

In response to discussions on Hearing Day 8 (Tuesday 16 April), and as requested by the Inspectors, the Council has produced a note on Water Efficiency, Accessibility and Adaptability and the use of Nationally Described Space Standards (Examination Doc – CD9.20). Should participants wish to make any comments on this note representations must be made in writing and received by the Programme Officer no later than 5pm on Friday 21 June.

31 May 2019 update

At the hearing session on 17 April 2019, and in advance of the additional session re-scheduled for 16 July 2019, the Inspector asked the Council, Avison Young on behalf of Stone Hill Park Ltd and RPS on behalf of River Oak Strategic Partners to cooperate in drafting a new Local Plan Policy for Manston Airport . The attached note sets out the parties’ positions ahead of the forthcoming hearing session.

At this stage no written responses are invited by the Inspectors.  The note is published for information only, and will form the basis of the discussion on the 16 July 2019.  The Inspectors would like to take this opportunity remind participants that should they consider that a modification is required to the Plan, this, along with all other Main Modifications, will be subject to formal public consultation by the Council.

Should participants have any queries regarding the hearing on 16 July, scheduled to start at 2pm, please contact the Programme Officer

17 May 2019 update

Revised Schedule of Hearings
The Revised Schedule of Hearings has now been arranged and will take place between 9th and 19th July.

15 May 2019 update

Hearings Postponed

Due to Inspector Lucas, who was timetabled to hold sessions in week 4 and 5, suddenly becoming unavailable due to illness, we are postponing the programmed final two weeks. The re-scheduled hearings will commence in early July, with exact dates to be confirmed once the venue has been established – thank you for your understanding, this decision was not taken lightly as we understand the disruption for all parties is disappointing. Please check here for further details or contact the Programme Officer.

8 May 2019 update

Matters statements for matters 11- 18 (in the hearings programme) have now been published

23 April 2019 update

A. During the hearing session on Tuesday 16 April the Council referred to an updated Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showperson Accommodation Assessment. This is now available to download from the examination website under reference CD9.10. Should participants wish to make further representations on the Council’s updated evidence any comments must be made in writing and received by the Programme Officer no later than 5pm on 14 May 2019. In light of the Council’s submission a further hearing session will be held on Thursday 30 May starting a 2pm in the Austen Room at Thanet District Council. Participants wishing to attend the session should confirm in writing with the Programme Officer no later than 5pm on Friday 24 May.

B. An additional hearing session will also be held on Friday 31 May to discuss potential revised wording to the Plan in respect of Manston Airport. This session will be held in the Council Chamber at Thanet District Council starting at 10am. Participants wishing to attend the session should confirm in writing with the Programme Officer no later than 5pm on Friday 24 May. An updated hearing programme can be found under Ref- CD9.11  to reflect the additional hearing sessions.

1 April 2019 update

An updated version of the CD8.18 Examination Hearing Programme  can be viewed here 28 March 2019 – Supersedes CD8.5

22 March 2019 update

Matters statements for matters 1- 10 (in the hearings programme) have now been published

12 March 2019 update

Following the deadline for confirming attendance of 5th March, the Examination Hearing Programme has been updated.

CD8.5 Examination Hearing Programme    Updated 12 March 2019

11 March 2019 update

The Inspector (Ref L-002 ) has responded to a letter from RPS (Ref 25.2.2019), after seeking the Council’s view (TDC- 002 ), 4 March 2019. They have been published for information purposes only.

4 March 2019 update

Following the deadline of February 26th asking for comments on the Inspectors Matters, Issues and Questions, please find attached the amended MIQ. CD8.4 Matters, Issues and Questions  – 4 March 2019.

The Inspectors thank all of those who sent suggested amendments and after consideration has updated the MIQ with six additional questions which are shown in bold italics in the attached document, as follows:

  • Matter 10, Issue 1, Question 8
  • Matter 12, Issue 3, Question 4;
  • Matter 13, Issue 3, Question 6;
  • Matter 13. Issue, 6, Question 7;
  • Matter 14, Issue 2, Question 3; and
  • Matter 18, Issue 2, Question 5.

Responses to these additional questions should be part of your statements submitted for Matters 1-10 by the 19th March and for Matters 11-18 by the 7th May.

Please find attached information from the Inspectors on the Thanet Local Plan Examination. They include their;

Key Dates

Date Details
26 February 2019  Deadline for any comments on the Inspectors’ Matters, Issues and Questions for Examination
5 March 2019  Deadline if you are not currently listed to appear, or no longer wish to be appear or wish to attend an alternative session
19 March 2019  Deadline for submission of Hearing Statements and Statements of Common Ground for Weeks 1-3 (Matters 1-10)
2-4 April 2019  Hearings Week 1 – Ruby Room, St. Augustine’s
9-12 April 2019  Hearings Week 2 – Ruby Room, St. Augustine’s
16-18 April 2019  Hearings Week 3 – Ruby Room, St. Augustine’s
7 May 2019  Deadline for submission of Hearing Statements and Statements of Common Ground for weeks 4-5 (Matters 11-18)
21-23 May 2019  Hearings Week 4 – Austen Room, Thanet DC
29-31 May 2019  Hearings Week 5 – Austen Room, Thanet DC

Please click here to view the core documents for the Local Plan Examination

Click here for information and details of the Inspectors and the Programme Officer

Inspectors’ Correspondence

The table below sets out correspondence between the Inspectors and the Council.  Please check this page regularly for updates.

Reference Detail
L-001  A letter from the Inspector, dated 17.12.2018, providing initial questions to the Council
TDC-001 Thanet District Council response, dated 11.01.19, to the Inspector’s letter
RPS-001 Letter from RPS requesting adjournment of the Local Plan Examination – 25 February 2019
TDC- 002 Thanet District Council response to RPS request -4 March 2019
 L-002 Letter from the Inspectors responding to RPS request – 11 March 2019

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