Margate Museum & Old Town Hall


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The Town Hall was built in 1897. The two storey building is joined to the older building by an overhead bridge which is now the home of the Margate Museum.

The Old Town Hall was used as the Magistrates Court and Police station. Four cells and offices for the police were installed at ground level.  The Town Hall has been used by Margate Charter Trustees and the Mayor of Margate since 1974.

There is an ornate staircase which is immediately in front of the main door into the Town Hall.

Margate Museum has information on Bathing Machines, the area during both World Wars, and many other interesting exhibits.  The museum is willing to assist with research, but please keep in mind that the museum is run by a group of volunteers.  Donations in respect of their help are gratefully received.

The building is listed and as such is not DDA compliant




Council car park is in Market Street. (66 spaces)


Locations on request.


There are a number of cafés and restaurants in the Old Town.

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