Ramsgate Royal Harbour

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Ramsgate Royal Harbour is the only royal harbour in the country. Consisting of an inner and outer marina, there are long harbour walls on both sides of the outer marina known as the East and West Piers. There are amenity blocks on the harbour cross walls which provide facilities to the boat owners who berth their boats at the marina.

There is a commercial fishing fleet which is based from the outer harbour. This area is also used by boats servicing the wind farms which are situated to the east of Ramsgate. There are a number of wind farm companies within the buildings to the west of the harbour adjacent to the Port of Ramsgate.

The harbour is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The harbour has many interesting buildings including the Smack Boy’s Home which was built in 1881 of stock brick and is a Grade II listed building. The Smack Boys were apprenticed to the fishing smack skippers of Ramsgate (it was not unusual that the crew of five would be made up of the skipper and four Smack Boys).

The home was the result of pressure put on the Board of Trade by Canon Brenan, Vicar of Christ Church, Ramsgate. No other British fishing port appears to have copied this unique facility. The building is currently the office of the Harbour Master and staff.



Pay & Display parking on the harbour cross wall. Multi-storey car park (394 spaces) available in Leopold Street. The multi-storey ground floor is open 24 hours, the other floors are open between 7am and 7pm.


Amenity Block has toilets available.


There are many new cafés, bars and restaurants within the Arches along Military Road. The harbour area has a large number of restaurants and hotels within walking distance of the harbour.

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