28 January, 2022

Marine Licence Application for Berth 4/5 at the Port of Ramsgate is submitted

A new marine licence application has been submitted to the Marine Management Organisation today (Friday 28 January 2022) in support of the proposed replacement of the aggregate Berth 4/5 at the Port of Ramsgate. The previous berth had reached the end of its operational life and was removed in November 2020. 

An earlier marine licence application was withdrawn in November 2021 following advice from the Local Planning Authority (TDC) in October 2020 which required an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to be undertaken. 

The revised application will be informed by an Environmental Statement (ES) which is the output of the EIA.  This application and the ES will be available on the Marine Management Organisation’s website following validation of the application. The marine licence application will be subject to a 42 day consultation period.

The Environmental Statement is also being used to inform the ‘prior approval’ planning application which was submitted to the Local Planning Authority today. This will be accessible via the Thanet District Council website following validation of the application and will be subject to a 30 day consultation period. 

If approved, on-site preparatory work is expected to commence at the end of May with marine works starting the following month.

The consultation on the application for prior approval for the installation of a 119m long berth will run until Friday 18 March 2022. Members of the public can view and comment on the application via the link below, using the reference “PA/TH/22/0132”.


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