East Kent Housing Consultation

Future options for managing council housing

Council homes are currently looked after by East Kent Housing on our behalf. They carry out safety checks, manage repairs, collect rent etc.

Earlier this year we discovered serious problems with a range of safety checks at some properties looked after by East Kent Housing. We are sorry if that caused you to worry.

We are pleased to say we have made an enormous amount of progress in fixing those problems.

To make sure the same thing does not happen again, we have asked a range of experts to look into what went wrong.

We have also looked at how we should manage our council housing in the future.

We have come up with four options:

Option 1: Keep East Kent Housing and improve the way they work

Option 2: Close East Kent Housing and create a team at each council to look after your home

Option 3: Close East Kent Housing and work with nearby councils to look after your home

Option 4: Ask an outside organisation such as a housing association to look after your home

We think Option 2 is the best way forward which means closing East Kent Housing leaving council staff to look after your home instead.

The advantages and disadvantages of each option are explained in this information page.

We want to know what you think about our proposal and would ask you to spend a couple of minutes taking part in our survey.

The consultation will run until Friday 20 December. Councillors will then consider all the feedback received and make a decision on the best way forward early in 2020.

If you want to find out more or have a chat about our proposals before making up your mind, we are holding some drop-in events:

  • Saturday 2 November, 12pm to 4pm: St John’s Community Centre, Victoria Road, Margate, CT9 1LN
  • Thursday 7 November, 3pm to 8pm: SureStart Millmead, Dane Valley Road, Margate, CT9 3RU
  • Wednesday 13 November, 2pm to 8pm: Brunswick Hall, Belmont Street, Ramsgate, CT11 8HQ
  • Saturday 23 November, 12pm to 4pm: Newington Community Centre, Princess Margaret Avenue, Ramsgate, CT12 6HX

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