Renew your Private Hire Drivers Licence

Fees From 1st April

Renewal, including further criminal records check and medical.

Your renewal should be done at least 2 months priory to expiry due to the wait for the DBS to be returned.  Your badge will not be issued until your DPS form has been returned.

Fee £265.20 split as set out below:

Renewal Driver application fee £205.20
Badge – £20.00
Enhanced DBS check £40.00 – this form and DBS Privacy Statement can be requested via email to licensing@thanet.gov.uk

Payment for the Renewal can be made using the bank details below

TDC bank details

National Westminster Bank PLC

Sort Code – 60 14 05

Bank Account – 67834000

Payee – Thanet District Council


Tax Check

From 4 April 2022 the rules have changed and you must now complete a tax check to renew your drivers licence.  Please see the link below.  You will need your number when you renew your licence a licence cannot be renewed without your tax number.



DBS Update Service – this is now mandatory as checks will soon be required every 6 months

You must now sign up for the DBS update service, this will keep your certificate up to date for only £13 per year.  If you sign up for this service you will no longer have to paid the £40 at renewal and we will have access to your check therefore making the renewal process quicker.  You have to sign up for the service within 28 days of receiving your DBS certificate.

The DBS Update Service

Further Information

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