9 June, 2022

Chief Executive Madeline Homer to leave Thanet District Council

A joint decision has been made between the council and Chief Executive, Madeline Homer for her to leave Thanet District Council.

An interim Chief Executive and Head of Paid Service will be identified and it is anticipated that this will be brought to the next Full Council meeting on Thursday 14 July for an appointment to be made. 

Until this date, the council’s Section 151 Officer and Director of Finance, Chris Blundell has been appointed as Acting Deputy Chief Executive and will cover the duties of the Head of Paid Service with immediate effect. This is a short term arrangement to ensure that the council meets its obligations to provide the statutory role of Head of Paid Service during this time. 

Madeline Homer has issued the following statement regarding her decision:

“After nearly 15 years at Thanet District Council, and 7 years as its Chief Executive, it is time to embrace the natural cycle of change both for the organisation and also importantly for me. I want to pursue new challenges, which is something I am excited about.

“I have enjoyed being Chief Executive and have worked collaboratively and positively with elected Leaders over those 7 years, together achieving positive change in the district. I am particularly proud of Dreamland; the Multi Agency Task Force and Housing Intervention programmes in Margate; Thanet Parkway; and of course more recently the Margate Town Deal and Levelling Up funds for both Ramsgate and Margate. I have proactively encouraged and supported Thanet’s excellent reputation for partnership working, including establishing the Thanet Leadership Group and East Kent Wellbeing & Health Partnership, which is now being incorporated into the East Kent Health & Care Partnership. More importantly, I have overseen the delivery of vital public services to our communities, including during the challenges presented to us all during the pandemic.

“I could not have done that without the positive support of the staff, they are a credit to the District and the council.”

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