Asset Disposal

Thanet District Council currently owns 560 assets in the form of land and buildings (excluding housing) throughout the district. Government guidance and Thanet Council Policy require the council to reduce the number of assets it holds, to release property and land for other uses, including community use.

Property and Land identified as surplus is processed through Cabinet and prepared for marketing by the property team. This will result in further opportunities being identified for community groups and businesses.

Approved disposals are published here.

The list of assets represents all types of transfers including commercial and community asset transfers. For specific information about the disposal of each property please see the published Cabinet Decisions.

The programme is managed through the Estates Department. Subject to the Cabinet Decision, all property agreed to transfer on the open market will be advertised.

To register your interest in a particular property please email your details to estates@thanet.gov.uk and you will be contacted when the property is being prepared for marketing.


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