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Thanet District Council's Core Business Objectives 2019 - 2023

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The Council’s Core Business Objectives set out the direction of travel for the Council over the next four years laying the strong foundations that will benefit, shape and grow the district.

In 2018, residents told us that clean streets, feeling safe and thriving towns were important to them and the Core Business Objectives address each of these top topics from the 2018 residents’ survey.

The Council is aware that the communities in Thanet are changing and there are increasing demands for local services. At the same time, the Council is also aware of the many challenges facing local people and businesses. Therefore, the Council will set its Core Business Objectives to enable it to plan for the changing needs and to meet the increasing financial challenges ahead as core government grant funding is reduced to nil.

By taking this approach, the Council’s resources will be focused on what matters the most, service delivery will be strengthened and both staff and partners will be working towards a common goal of – ensuring prosperity and improved quality of life for our residents and the business community.


We will continue to ensure we work to consider new ways to generate income and invest our current resources. Delivering a Council that is financially strong to discharge its services and invest in the growth of the District.

What we plan to do:

  • Through partnership working promote Thanet’s unique selling points to encourage local enterprise and inward investment.
  • Be a strong voice for Thanet at the Kent and Medway Economic Partnership.
  • Constructively explore approaches for Community Wealth Building – such as the Preston Model.
  • Contribute to the creation of a Coastal Prospectus which will inform the South East Local Enterprise Partnerships’s Local Industrial Strategy.
  • Refresh the Council’s Economic Growth Strategy.
  • Lobby for infrastructure improvements including the Parkway Station, to support inward investment, local enterprise and housing growth.
  • Continue to look for a viable future for the Port of Ramsgate and the Royal Harbour for the benefit of the town and the wider district.
  • Engage with businesses in the Creative Industries to identify opportunities for growth in the District and promote Thanet through the Thames Estuary Production Corridor ambitious industrial vision.
  • Encourage the rejuvenation of our high streets by supporting the growth of our creative industries.
  • We will further support the regeneration of our High Streets by working with partners.
  • Continue to promote tourism in Thanet and the increase in jobs that this will bring to the District.
  • Maximise the return on our assets and services.


Having a clean and well-maintained environment remains important to us. We will be clear with our residents on what we will do and what our asks of residents are – cultivating a shared responsibility approach. Delivering a clean and accessible living environment, maintaining an emphasis on prevention but where necessary we will use an enforcement approach.

What we plan to do:

  • Undertake a full and thorough review of our public toilet facilities including providing incentives for businesses to make good quality facilities available to the public.
  • Improve collaboration with KCC around relevant services and explore opportunities for introducing a park and ride scheme in Thanet.
  • Maintain strong enforcement action in the areas of planning, building control and parking. Strengthening our already tough response to fly-tipping and maintaining the zero-tolerance policy towards littering.
  • Continue the education programmes in schools and the wider public areas to cultivate a shared responsibility approach to waste and littering.
  • We will review the recycling service and continue engaging with the community to increase the District’s recycling rates and further improve the efficiency of emptying schedules – including maximising the use of smart bins.
  • Extend the use of mechanical street sweeping equipment.
  • Protect and enhance where possible our parks, beaches and open spaces for the benefit of current and future residents.
  • Continue to progress the Local Plan to adoption.
  • Having agreed on a climate emergency we will work to be carbon neutral by 2030 and promote awareness of our local wildlife, habitats and the wider environment.


Through effective partnership working with both the public sector agencies and the community, we will provide leadership and direction across the District and the region to ensure everyone is working to the same goal. Delivering high-quality housing, safer communities and enhancing the health and wellbeing of our residents.

What we plan to do:

  • Plan to set up a housing development company, to work towards building the necessary high quality and energy-efficient housing to meet the needs of existing and future communities.
  • Improve standards and safety in homes across all tenures.
  • Work to prevent homelessness and increase housing options including additional social housing.
  • Aim to reduce the number of rough sleepers on our streets.
  • Work with our partners to deliver a range of community safety initiatives across the District, taking tough action to tackle anti-social behaviour.
  • Work in partnership with the community and Public Sector Agencies to seek new ways of working to improve or jointly deliver services.
  • Work with the Boundary Commission to ensure that the number of councillors is appropriate to the district size and needs.
  • Promote the formation of a Margate Town Council to devolve decision making to a local level.
  • Work with Town and Parish Councils, exploring the potential for devolving services where possible.
  • We will work with our communities to foster a shared responsibility and increase our community engagement.
  • Subject to following procedures the council’s intention is to take back direct control of its housing stock.

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