We can investigate dust nuisance caused by industry, trade or businesses but dust from domestic premises is not covered by the law. We also cannot take action on commercial works producing dust at a domestic property as this is still in a domestic setting.  It is important to note that the environmental legislation controlling dust is for the protection of human health and the environment in general. If dust only affects your property or possessions, we will not be able to help.

Dust nuisance can be a big issue during construction and demolition work, thanks to excavation, burning, blasting and, in particular, vehicles using haul roads. It is also an issue at quarries, waste facilities and other industrial sites.

Risks can be reduced by:

  • installation of wheel-washing facilities at site entrances/exits;
  • water spraying of haul roads and stockpiles;
  • speed reductions on haul roads;
  • seeding stockpiles for long-term cover;
  • treating stockpiles with bonding agents;
  • sheeting vehicles;
  • using sealed or sheeted containers/skips for waste materials;
  • erecting barriers or sheeting around works;
  • using chutes to move materials;
  • fitting and maintaining of grit and dust arrestment plant
  • adjusting working methods e.g. to minimise demolition or crushing dust

Making a complaint about dust nuisance

We investigate complaints in much the same way that we investigate noise nuisance and in most cases we find an informal solution to the problem. We do however have the authority to issue an abatement notice when necessary.

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