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Ending a tenancy in Thanet

The amount of notice you need to give us to end your tenancy depends on your circumstances and the type of property you are moving into. We have listed the main reasons for ending a tenancy below:

Moving into private accommodation

If you are moving to private accommodation, moving in with family or friends, moving to another council or housing association home (when not nominated by us), or moving to another council by bidding with them:

To terminate your tenancy you must give four full weeks’ notice in writing, starting from a Monday. You can:
Email: myhome@thanet.gov.uk or
Write to: Tenant and Leasholder Services, Council Offices, Cecil St, Margate, CT9 1XZ

You must also complete and attach the following form:

When a tenant dies

If a joint tenant or other family member have been living at the property and hope to remain at the property you may find it useful to read our section on ‘Taking over a property after someone has died (known as Succession)’ section.

If the tenancy ends due to the death of a sole tenant and nobody else is left in the property:

  • You should let us know as soon as you can that the property is going to be returned to us and provide us with a copy of the death certificate.
  • Any payments of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit stop from the first Monday following the death and the full rent is charged to the account.

If you are a named executor in the deceased tenants Will

If you are a named ‘executor’ in the will of the deceased tenant, we can accept a termination notice signed by you and we will end the tenancy as quickly as we can upon receipt of the keys and confirmation that you have cleared the property. Please download and complete the form below:

If the deceased had no Will

If the deceased tenant did not have a will and you are not a named executor we may need to serve a notice on the property ourselves to formally end the tenancy. In these circumstances please complete and return this form as soon as possible to notify us of the death.

Notification of death – No Will

Moving into care or sheltered housing

If going into care or moving to sheltered accommodation in another area you will need to give us 28 days’ notice. If you are acting on behalf of the tenant you will need to provide evidence that you have Power of Attorney.

Transferring to another property within the same Council District

If you are transferring to another Thanet District Council property you do not need to give four weeks’ notice but please us give as much notice as possible. The date that the tenancy ends will be determined by the date the keys are returned. You, or the person with Power of Attorney (proof of which is required), must sign the:

Leaving your home – your responsibilities

There’s lots to do when you end your tenancy and move to another property. We’ve put together a helpful moving out check list to help make your move easier.

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