Pay Policy and gender pay gap

This Pay Policy Statement sets out the council’s approach to pay in accordance with the requirements of Section 38 of the Localism Act 2011.

The purpose of the statement is to provide transparency with regard to the council’s approach to setting the pay of its employees by identifying:

  • the methods by which salaries of all employees are determined;
  • the detail and level of remuneration of its most senior staff i.e. ‘chief officers’, as defined by the relevant legislation;
  • the relationship between
    • the remuneration of its Chief Officers and
    • the remuneration of its employees who are not Chief Officers

The Chief Executive (as Head of Paid Service) and General Purposes Committee, in so far as it relates to relevant Chief Officers, are responsible for ensuring the provisions set out in this statement are applied consistently throughout the council.

The council is required to prepare and approve a pay policy statement before the end of 31 March immediately preceding the financial year to which it relates and must be approved by resolution of the Council before it comes into force.

Previous reports can be found on Gender Pay Gap Services website.

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