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        Postal vote

        To vote by post at any election we must receive your application at the very latest by 5 pm on the eleventh working day before the election.

        It is your responsibility to post it back in time to reach us before the close of poll on election day. A pre-paid envelope to return your vote will also be included if your address is within the UK. If your vote is being sent abroad, you need to pay the return postage.

        What if I'm living away from the address where I'm registered?


        You can have your postal vote sent to any address you want, so long as you have told us in advance. People living overseas can have their postal vote sent to them, but they may not be able to get it back in time to be counted in the election (overseas voters may be better applying for a proxy vote by appointing someone to vote for them).



        What if I do not receive my ballot paper?

        If you have not received your ballot paper by the fourth working day before election day, you can ask us to give you a replacement ballot paper – but we can only do this up to 5pm on the day of the election. We will ask you for proof of identity. Because of the short timescale and the need for proof of identity, you will normally have to come to the council offices to collect a replacement ballot paper



        What if I spoil my ballot paper?

        If you fill in your ballot paper incorrectly and you want us to replace it you must contact us and bring it to the council offices, together with all the other documents we sent with it, and ask us to give you a new ballot paper. You must do this by 5pm on the day of the election at the latest. You may not have time to send it back by post.



        Can I cancel my postal vote?

        Yes, but you must tell us in writing. We need to receive this at least 11 days before an election or you will still get your postal vote and not be able to vote at a polling station at that election.


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