Western Undercliff

Brief description

Western Undercliff is situated next to the Port of Ramsgate.  The lower half of the beach is rocky with a chalk reef that extends towards Pegwell Bay.  There is a sea water bathing pool at the west end of the beach.  Access to the lower promenade is via the Royal Harbour Approach road, and there are a number of sloped walkways from the top of the promenade to the lower promenade. There is also a wide set of steps at the top of the cliff accessed from Screaming Alley.

NB. Dogs are allowed at any time.



There are parking bays available on the road, and we can offer the Port of Ramsgate as a suitable unit base for parking.


Currently there are no public facilities nearby


There is a café at the top of the cliff known as The Lookout. In addition there are a number of cafés, restaurants and bars in Ramsgate.

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