Fly Tipping and Litter

We need your help to make Thanet a more attractive place to live and work. 

Fly Tipping

The removal of illegally dumped waste or fly tipped rubbish is a major draw on our resources.  Most illegally dumped waste is actually domestic waste put out on the wrong day, offenders have been, are, and will be prosecuted.  

Report Fly Tipping

You will need to give your name and address when making the complaint to us. 

Please note there are over 800 privately owned alleys in Thanet.  The Council is not responsible for the cleaning or maintenance of private land or unadopted alleyways, the private owner is responsible.

We may be able to help either trace the owner or clean it occasionally, however this cannot be guaranteed and the work will not be a priority.


Why is litter a problem?

  • Thanet is a coastal district, so litter dropped on our beaches and in our towns often eventually ends up in the sea. This harms, and can kill marine life and birds.
  • Litter is unsightly and detracts from the general appearance of an area; it can also affect people's health by attracting animals and insects that carry diseases.
  • Research also shows that heavily littered areas and poor local environmental quality deter economic activity and investment, and can also lead to an increased fear of crime.
  • Street cleaning costs the council, which in turn costs the taxpayer.  

Litter can therefore blight an area and needs to be dealt with in a number of ways, which means the council and communities working together.

What you can do to help...

Do a 2 minute beach clean when you visit one of our beaches or bays.

If the bins are full, please take your rubbish home with you and recycle it.

If you smoke please smoke it, stub it, and then bin it!

Clean up after your dog. 9 out of 10 people do - are you the 1 who doesn't?

More information

Find out about our marine protected area, the coastal wildlife and marine life in Thanet by visiting

Visit the Marine Conservation Society's website for more details on why our litter is causing problems for both marine creatures and humans at


Dropping litter and not cleaning up after your dog are both offences that are illegal. Uniformed environmental enforcement officers patroll across the district and issue Fixed Penalty Notices for the following:

Dropping litter - including items such as cigarette butts, chewing gum, fast food and other forms of litter such as packaging.

Dog Fouling - failing to pick up after your dog or not disposing of the dog waste in the correct way.

A Fixed Penalty Notice will cost you £80. If you do not pay this you could end up in court and be faced with a conviction that could cost you up to £2,500.