7 June, 2022

Future of Westbrook Loggia to be discussed by Thanet District Council’s Cabinet

On Thursday 16 June, Thanet District Council’s Cabinet will consider the potential next steps in order to redevelop the Westbrook Loggia building at Westbrook Bay.

This follows a Feasibility Study that was carried out in 2021 to identify a deliverable scheme on the site.

This Feasibility Study, which included public engagement, proposed creating a mix of uses on the site, including self catering holiday accommodation; restaurant and event space; cafe and toilet and showering facilities with additional amenity spaces for the businesses. It also stated that the capital cost estimate for refurbishment would be approximately £4m, pending structural surveys.

As the council already has a significant programme of capital projects and does not have the existing funding or resources to add further to this programme, the option being recommended to the Cabinet is to sell the building under a conditional sale contract. This would include specific conditions relating to use, development timescales and buy back in the event of failure to deliver. 

The capital receipt to the council would be less than from an unconditional sale, however it would enable the council to inform what is provided on the site and ensure toilet provision is delivered.

There is considerable public interest in the future of Westbrook Loggia and overwhelmingly feedback from the public engagement last year was for improvements to be made as swiftly as possible, with an emphasis on supporting the local community and enhancing the experience for residents and visitors to Westbrook Bay. 

The full background and options being considered can be viewed in the Cabinet report which is available to view here. The Cabinet meeting will be live-streamed and the decision will be added to the council’s website.  

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