Live Margate

 Live margate

‘Live Margate’ is a long-term programme that involves buying existing properties and turning them into quality family homes, making Margate, in particular, Cliftonville West and Margate Central a place where more people aspire to live.

We are targeting problem buildings which have been derelict and unoccupied for years.

The programme is ensuring that we respect the original architecture, sympathetically renovating and restoring the various buildings.

£23.1 million is being invested into the programme through a number of key organisations including Thanet District Council, Kent County Council and the Homes & Communities Agency.

Thanet District Council and Kent County Council have several aims:

  • Increase the number of family homes
  • Improve living and housing standards
  • Encourage investment and owner occupation

Work on Live Margate will continue until 2026. We hope you will start to see a difference and improvement in your community and neighbourhood.

Find out more about the properties we are targeting